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Disney's "Treasure Planet" recommended to furry fans

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Jerry Beck has posted a review of Disney's upcoming Treasure Planet to his excellent Cartoon Research site. He notes, "Furry fans will have a field day with the romance of the Captain (a cat creature) and the Doctor (a dog - from the same family as Goofy it seems to me). "


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It is really bad to see that some furs watch anything and will like it as long as there are furry characters in it. Heck, I know several furs who love Balto II, just because the dogs are talking.

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How true, how very true...

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Wow, I guess now we can't even use 'interest in anthropomorphic animals' as a baseline definition for furry fandom. ;o)

Just kidding, though (mostly). But it's hardly restricted to furry fandom. Think how many Star Trek books are written, and think how many fans try to buy every single one... Now think how many of those are GOOD. :o)

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You make it sound like it's a normal, healthy practice to buy every star trek book in production.... Which is at least a little weird.

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I definitely did not mean to make it sound normal. ;o)

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