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Mixing human and mouse cells

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According to the New York Times, scientists want to create a new kind of mouse-human hybrid by inserting human stem cells into a mouse embryo. The resulting creature would have both human and mouse cells.This is different than genetic engineering, because all the cells in the creature would be either fully human or fully mouse. (In genetic engineering, all cells have the same genetic makeup, which may be a mixture of creatures.)

From the article: "Dr. Weissman of Stanford, who was not at the meeting, said the experiment could help scientists follow the behavior of human cells with genetic diseases. Studying how the diseased human cells develop in a mouse could offer treatment insights."


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Those damn aliens are losing it completely!!! Rather than trying to do something useful to the environment, they try to destroy animal life... >:O(

I'm only too pleased to have made the furry culture my way of thinking...

A concerned descendant of canines.

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if they can do this now what about 50 years from now? i bet u cant even amagin the technology...

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I just wonder when they'll begin mixing humans with cats. ~JCat

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Well this is great and all but the Bush put an end to it by trying to get a law passed so that the mixing of human and animal genes can't be done.

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