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It's never too early to start looking for the high-quality artwork and stories that have become the hallmark of Anthrocon's annual con book. This year's theme is "Creatures of the Night," those secretive beasts that prowl the darkness of our collective imagination. We are looking for artists of both ink & paint and of the written word to liven up our con book, which was so popular last year that every single person who registered ended up with one!

"What's in it for me?" you might say.

Aside from the usual widespread exposure for your work and the admiring gasps from the many hundreds who look upon it, Anthrocon will give you the chance to bask in the luxury and comfort that is a Supersponsorship. We shall take the names of all those who properly submitted* work to us and put them into my very own favorite black hat. The name of one artist and one writer will be drawn, and those individuals will be upgraded free of charge from the standard membership level to a supersponsor membership. That will give them access to our Supersponsor Lounge, the amazing limited-edition Supersponsor Print, a free Anthrocon 2002 "Creatures of the Night" T-shirt, a seat at the Supersponsor Luncheon, and a Really Neat Thing that I am not going to tell you about just yet.

"How do I properly submit work?" you might say.

Simple! Send an email to . You will be sent via automated responder all of the information you need for submitting your work.


We also are looking for artwork for our T-shirt this year. The creator of the winning design will similarly receive a free upgrade to supersponsor, together with all the Nifty Stuff above. Just send a sketch of your idea, based on the theme "Creatures of the Night," in .jpg or .gif format, to

So get those pens, typewriters and vivid imaginations in motion!

As always,
Uncle Kage


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