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Digging Up Positivity July 2023

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Welcome to the July edition of Digging Up Positivity! Time flies when you are having fun and fruit flies like a banana. This episode is filled to the brink with charities, because boy, you lot have been busy! Our guest is one of the most known mice from the Netherlands: Miesdo Mouse.

We have a few announcements and if you like the British furs, you DEFINITELY want to watch till the end of the video. From now on you can become a member of this channel and usually you can see the episodes a wee bit earlier just like my other supporters. But of course, you know the deal: Like and subscribe. I would love to spread the positive goodness from this fandom a bit further thanks to your help!

And now, on with the charities, because boy, there are a lot of these this month:

Brasil Furfest

Brasils’ finest furcon: Brasil Furfest, raised $5,548.30 US for SOS Vidapet, that and they collected 350 kilos of pet food! A big congrats to the 911 attendees that made this all possible. They also announced their next years Guest Of Honour: Telephone. I am curious to see how this will mix up with their Haunted Hotel theme? Hmmm.

Together For Pride

Meeps, known for going to unknown heights in one of Bezos’ oddly shaped rockets was streaming for a month with all sorts of fun antics with Together For Pride. With antics in Link, Ring Fit Adventure, and more, they raised $7,001 for the Trevor Project.


One of the oldest furry conventions, a staple of the fandom: Anthrocon, where 13,644 attendees raised $52,000 dollars for the Rabbit Wranglers! A lovely organization dedicated to help abused, neglected and abandoned rabbits and to educate the
public about these hoppy companion animals.

Jey Husky

Jey Husky, known for his big bappers, fell on hard times due to a total ankle replacement surgery. The fandom came together and raised over $3,765 to date!


In Canada we had Fur-Eh! Where 1,594 critters raised $12,601 (US) for The Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society, also known as GEARS.


Papa Barks has become a wonderful initiative of many furry streamers to raise money for the fight against ALS. And this year they have been working hard throughout June to raise over $33,000 for the The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter, and as the making of this video, that number is still rising!

Las Vegas Furcon

At the first edition of Las Vegas Furcon, furries raised $150 for Trans Pride.


In Ohio we had a new Barkaid, held in Pins Mechanical, think fursuits, pinball machines & bowling! Where they raised $745 for Cincinnati Animal Care.

Chesters’ burned down home

Chester the Geroo, the most recent Furovision winner at Nordic Fuzzcon had his trailer burn down. Fortunately he and his son are unharmed but the damage was significant. Fortunately the fandom came together raising $29,374 at the time of
recording, covering the monetary part.

Fur Out West

And on the other end of the world, we had our friends from Fur Out West. It already started out well when they auction off a bag of maltesers for over $1,360, and in the end 242 sets of paws raised $9,826.23 for the Friends of the
Western Ground Parrot. An organization devoted to save this parrot from extinction, especially with the recent bushfires, their help is direly needed.

Anthro Weekend Utah

And last, but certainly not least, we have Anthro Weekend Utah, where they raised $26,572.11 for Wild Wonders, an organisation devoted to caring and nurturing wild animals that were injured, orphaned, and no longer are able to be re-introduced back into the wild.

Charity Total so far

With all of these wonderful donations, the amount covered by us this year has crashed past the $880,000 mark. And of course, in December I will release the Charity Index with all the sources. From the looks of it, we are going to make history this year! So hyped!

Be the claw

We all had that moment behind a claw machine at the fair, where you just couldn’t get it. Well, at the Chinese held Unifurse, you could literally become the claw! The results are hilarious. I would love to see this at more conventions! It is both adorable and awesome!

Pawperty Damage Update

A bit back we had Dare Looks on the show with Pawperty Damage, and they are still working on the game. A new update will feature steam leaderboards. There won’t be a global leader board, because as Dare states, they are easy to manipulate. But you can certainly compare your scores with your friends! The Itch version of the game will keep offline records.


Throughout the fandom we have many who are archiving our history. From Ash Coyote to Kite, but the latest in the line is Game Popper. And he recently released a book:

[GamePopper Announcement]

I always had a warm heart from the British furries, from my time at the earlier conventions like RBW, the local scousers, the wonderful time in Cardiff, and for that, not only am I going to give away one book, but Game Popper will be my guest for next month. Stay till the end for more info.


I always do love birds, and I think they could use some more love in animation.

Every now and then we have a pleasant surprise like Lord Shen from Kung Fu panda. But then it dies down for a bit. But later this year we will have Migration. Which is about Ducks trying to migrate. And at one point they end up in the big city, where a pigeon is going to ‘guide’ them. From the trailer it looks like Illumination is going to play it safe. But perhaps the Super Mario movie did make them a bit bolder.

Time will tell if this movie manages to convince people to migrate to theaters this Christmas.

Monkey King

We are living in interesting times for animation fans. We have seen a crash of fresh styles with the Mitches VS The Machines, Into The Spiderverse, The new Ninja Turtles movie, and now we have the Monkey King. Based on a classic Chinese
fantasy epic ‘Journey To The West’.

The trailer looks promising, but we know its distributor Netflix, is sometimes a bit of a hit or miss. Our main protagonist, the Monkey King, is on a quest to beat 100 demons, and the Dragon King. But will he be
able to beat his biggest foe: His own ego?

The movie will premiere on August 18th on Netflix.

How to dragon your train

Every now and then we have a wonderful art-meme online. And last month it was turning trains into dragons. I really enjoyed the creativity within the fandom. It looks like it originated from the new slowly reviving tumblr, from a post by butch-dragongirl. There is even a lovely telegram group that keeps ‘track’ of them. And I absolutely LOVE it. Here in the Dutch Furry Fandom, the dragon trains gained quite some traction, and artist TV_Thari certainly boosted the meme with some amazing designs.

Speaking of the Dutch Furry Fandom:
[Featurette: Miesdo Interview]

Thank You

Thank you so much for staying with us till the very end! This month we will be giving away Furtannia by Game Popper, published by Uncle Bear Publishing. All you have to do is comment on this video, saying you would like to win one. I will pick a random comment, thanks to the Google random number generator, I will announce the lucky winner next episode, after the interview with the writer of this most interesting book.

And that episode will be on August 26th! Just before Eurofurence! If you want to see more Thabo stuff, I am streaming almost every Monday on Twitch, at 8pm central European time. We also have awesome merch from the Artwork Tee Store, they
currently have a nifty summer sale. But if you want to toss a coin to the meerkat in support, you can join this channel using the join button below.

Or check out my Patreon or Subscribestar like these amazing critters: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

Thank you all for your love and support. Remember! You are loved, and all the hugs.


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