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Anthrocon Art Show Information Available

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I've finished mailing out the Anthrocon Art Show info packets with reservation forms to everyone on my mailing list, and will shortly finish sending them to those who asked for Art Show info when they pre-registered for Anthrocon. If you're an artist and wish to receive one, please send me your full (legal) name and postal address. The Anthrocon web page will be updated with Art Show info in a week or so, but I still prefer to send the reservation forms by postal mail, as this allows more time to sort out any address difficulties before mailing the paperwork you'll need at the con, as well as your payment check afterwards.

Anthrocon 2001 will take place at the Adams Mark Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from July 27-29. Our Guests of Honor are Bill Holbrook, creator of "Kevin and Kell," "Safe Havens," and "On the Fast Track," and Dan DeCarlo, creator of "Josie and the Pussycats" (the comic book, not the movie). Our theme this year is "Furries in Flight." We plan to present a number of informational panels on art techniques, and of course we'll have the Dealers Room, Masquerade and all the other fun con activities. And again this year, we are planning to award ribbons for the best works as judged by the Guests of Honor, Anthrocon's chairman and the Art Show Director, as well as selected by popular vote.

The Art Show space reservation deadline is May 15, but of course the real deadline is when the room fills up, so don't dawdle.


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