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Anime Series "Wolf's Rain" Promising

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Produced by BONES (Cowboy Bebop) the twenty-six episode television series Wolf's Rain has received many positive reviews, and the story's synopsis easily points out its interest for anthro fans:

"...a wounded wolf named Kiba is one of the only survivors of a species once thought to be extinct. He and other wolves have the ability to appear human to the normal people of the world."

A character guide from Pointblank is available here, with official site at


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Gorgeous character designs!

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I've seen fansubs of the first 5 episodes, and they're really cool. Definitely a must-see for furry anime fans. btw, the music is awesome, particularly the opening credits theme "stray" and the ending credits theme "gravity."

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wish for more more of it on more then 1 a week.

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