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Furnation still not shutting down, despite rumors

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Here's what Nexus has written to artists and visitors who've signed up for the Furnation news listserv:

First, you may have heard rumors that FurNation was shutting down for
good. These rumors are FALSE! What is true, however, is that my
apartment complex is being completely shut down on very short notice due
to a toxic "black mold" infestation in some of the buildings.

So FurNation WILL be moving to a new location which is going to cause us
to go offline until the new Internet lines are installed or other
arrangements can be made. Hopefully this will only be a few weeks of
outage but it may be up to several months (phone companies are SLOW!)

Due to the move FurNation will be shutting down as of today, Saturday
April 21. We will re-activate the system as soon as we have everything
back in place and the new lines installed. This outage will also effect
FurSearch, email to myself, and all other related FurNation services.

I wish I could have given more notice of this move, but everything hit me
all at the same time and forced me to move quickly. It has been a very
weird and wonderful few months for me and FurNation, and things seem to
just be getting weirder every day!

Due to the move we have decided to put off the production of the next
FurNation magazine until after everything is back online. We have the
magazine complete, but I have not sent the master to the printer yet.

We have over 200 new artists waiting for websites to be added. We are
going to keep all the setup information and add these new sites AFTER
FurNation is back online. If you have applied for a website you WILL GET
ONE! Just be patient until we have everything back together.

Once again I will try to make this outage as brief as possible. I know
that the furry fandom has come to rely on the stability of the FurNation
services, and I wish to continue to provide as best of a service as I can

I have set up a temporary email system to use for myself while FurNation
is in transition. Anyone who mails me on a regular basis please use the
following email address in place of the regular Webmaster (at)

Temporary Email Address: FurNation (at)

Nexus also writes of ways to help out the move, financially. There's a T-Shirt availible here via CafePress, and you can send a few dollars directly to the hotmail address through PayPal.


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