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FurNation relaunched as Ning site

Edited as of Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 22:14
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FurNation has been reborn as a Ning-based community, following the course set by social networking site Furry 4 Life.

The 14-year-old site has a long but oft-troubled history. Over the past two years, its community has faced repeated requests for server hosting funds.

The new owner, Reyedog, intends to revive FurNation's hosting on a separate server, as Ning's terms of service limit images to "tasteful nudes."


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What good is yet another social networking site? Seems to me like they'd become more and more useless as everyone on earth starts one of their own. It's just quick and easy, I guess. Everybody's doing it!

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Well, given the alternatives of having a Ning-based community and having nothing at all, I can see why they'd go for it. I believe they intend to extend it with external services to bring back the missing features; for now, though, they just want to stop the community falling to pieces.

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