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FurNation to close down after 14 years online

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The Luxor pyramid on FurNation Prime, the only FurNation sim to be closed down along with the website.

FurNation, the furry web hosting and general community website, as well as the host of 14 Second Life regions, will close permanently on May 16, 2009.

In a statement posted to the front page of the FurNation website, owner and administrator Nexxus blamed the closure on a lack of funding and a debt of over $2,000 of hosting fees going back several years.

Email accounts hosted on FurNation will continue to operate, however, hosted websites will disappear on May 16 and will run on FTP only until the end of the month. All FurNation branded regions in Second Life – with the exception of FurNation Prime – are to remain open.


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Is FurPlanet still going or is that seperate from FurNation now?

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The future of FurPlanet was not released with the shutdown statement, nor has it been mentioned in any discussion.

However, there is now a movement to save the FurNation forum, led by a couple of the site staff.

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Well I hope for one FurPlanet doesn't go. That's the compnay I'm hoping will publish my book.

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FurPlanet isn't going. It became independent of FurNation in March 2008.

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Well, that's some good news anyway.

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