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FurCast ends after a decade on air

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Furcast.jpgFurCast, the self-proclaimed slow motion car crash that has occured over the past decade finally had the wreckage settle as it came to its conclusion on October 31st, 2020. On that Halloween it would air what would be its final episode of its 10 season run. This ending was not announced on air, but would be announced on their site on December 21st in a post titled It’s Time.

The first thing I want to say is that me, and everyone involved in the history of the production of this show, absolutely love you guys. There has been so much blood, sweat and tears over these years to try and bring you all happiness, help us all have fun, and bring people together.

This comes after 392 episodes of live broadcasts featuring furries that would discuss the week’s events for an 18+ audience, not afraid to take on adult topics with humor and laughs. The good news is that they plan on keeping the show archived on their site so that those who want to take a look back to old times can feel free to watch.

The end of a weekly staple in the fandom

The show’s format typically ran around two to three hours on average. It would start with quick news called “The Roundup” which would be quick coverage of news items based on fandom interest or technology updates of communication systems furries utilize often (such as Telegram). The cast would then read longer form articles that were usually goofy, bizzare, or other non-sequitur pieces. They could also take this time to read larger stories in the fandom they felt would warrant larger discussion.

The most irrelevant articles of course were when those they read from this site. The last Flayrah article to be read on air would be on the June 27th, 2020 episode, which was a piece we wrote dealing with the charity pocketing issues at Capital City Fur Con.

Each episode would have an intermission break that would have a custom read support ticker of their Patreon supporters. In the final year they even had special thanks to two supporters that had passed on before the show did: BlazeFusky and DecibelFox. To also help with supporting the show, they had even gotten a sponsorship with TwinTails creations, a business that sells functional adult sculptures.

The blue fox Fayroe and Paradox the red wolf (red wolf as in the species, not the color of the wolf) were the original hosts and maintained their presence on the show from its founding to its ending. Other co-hosts had a seasonal presence. The last ones being Neeko the Otter who liked to highlight puns with a dinging bell, and Aureo the bull, a gamer who brought a bubbly energy to the room.

A breakup

The full statement is open that this ending of the show was not something all parties involved agree fully with. It is a reminder that most ‘drama’ in the world is not so clear cut as someone being in the right or wrong, but more often is found on the foundation when there is a conflict of desired futures and pursuits of happiness.

A breakup is a decent metaphor for this event, particularly the kind where one feels an emotion for another person when it is not reciprocated. In the end, the feelings of FurCast and its future fell under that type of paradigm by the former hosts.

Fayroe really wanted to keep the show going and showed deep mourning in its passing. His Twitter feed showed buyers remorse on the acoustic upgrades he made to his upper loft. Paradox’s treatment of its ending was a bit more clinical. He found a lover and wished to move out of the FurCast home and put roots in with his partner in another living space, moving the equipment he owned with him to continue his other projects.

COVID-19 did not end the show directly, but it probably changed the interpersonal chemistry in the room where there was no buffer between the two styles of the hosts. Paradox with his more somber and orderly means and Fayroe with his more improv and chaotic methods. This would lead to some moments where the grievances would come forward on air. Being self-aware of this, one episode in the final season was entitled GrievanceCast.

Moving forward

In essence, differing perspectives and chemistries can create wonderful reactions that can make for interesting moments. However those kinds of reactions take energy, and unless there are other elements to mix in, the energy can continue to drain. The pandemic made it so that their guest pool dried up. Because Paradox really enjoys the company of others, and the pandemic cut that off, it probably became more difficult to keep the show going during this time.

As with most breakups, what happens to those caught up in it really depends on how they follow through in the postceding days. Paradox has projects for XBN, including his Friday Night Tracks, that he plans on starting back up once they set up an acoustic studio to do so. Fayroe, however, may have been more monogamous with his projects.

Hopefully, once time has passed and Fayroe gathers his bearings and secures his footing he will be able to push forward with his goal of making fun projects that others can enjoy again. For whenever a door closes, windows can be left open, and as long as one doesn’t give up on themselves, there are ample ways to continue to bring smiles to others in another avenue.


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Thanks for all your articles and writing over the years Roo <3 So sorry we never got a chance to have you on as a guest!

I sadly had to move as my mate and I could no-longer afford rent in that location. Unfortunately the show and all the various relationships involved just weren't going to survive such a move. We had gone on so far past the breaking point because we were afraid to admit it was time to end. We tried to push past all our personal issues and stay dedicated for all the wonderful loving fans. But alas. It was a damn good run for just over a decade though, and I'm so grateful and proud.

Excited to see what comes of the future.

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Aw man. If you had put Tantroo on as a guest, my plan would have been to take a screenshot from the live video feed, and to post an article during the show saying that Flayrah was taking over the podcast, and would make you try to pronounce difficult words. :-D

Will greatly miss the show! Best of luck in future projects! Hope everyone will stay friends, and thanks for sharing news and links and much-needed humor!

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A decade ain't bad at all. It was amazing while it lasted. Thanks for ten years of incredible content!

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"I had to move" sure buddy lol ;)
What could it be, it's not just rumors about a twitter profile

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Ignorance is bliss and there are so many people willing to hide this fandom's worst problem.

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I think the worst problem right now is the coronavirus which has killed hundreds of thousands.

Then it would be those that are using symbology and ideologies of authoritarian regimes to get revenge for the fact that their talents didn't make the cut (or something, the 'Viking guy' was a failed actor after all). These are tied with organizations that had launched insurrections on the government on January 6th.

Though I guess there is the problematic thing of the bio saying his intimacy doesn't need labels which is sandwiched between said labels. Just, there are bigger things that need cleaning up at the moment. The truth is this profile was up since 2014, it has been a controversial symbol before 2021, and it was not the cause of the closing of the show and thus in this case is a non-sequitur.

The symbol can be linked with problematic individuals who have harmed animals, but criminality requires evidence that the person has committed the act, not just flown a symbol. The same logic that flying a symbol means you support the worst elements under that symbol have been used against organizations such as BLM and LGBT, that if you support them you support rioting. That is not the case, most in both movements just want the police to stop treating them as second class citizens.

You could ask why they fly that symbol, you know that would be journalism.

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This post is just three paragraphs worth of false equivalence and dancing and prancing around the main point here. So to be treated fairly furries have to "be friendly" to zoophilia? Do you think MAPs should be part of LBGT, too?

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I don't know what a MAP is because I don't obsess over evils in this world I cannot stop, I can only inform people how to be aware of their existence. If evidence of criminality is obtained then it should be shared. Someone putting a symbol on is not evidence of criminality, just as someone putting their genders on their Twitter profiles doesn't mean they are trans*.

What I can say is that, should someone use that symbol, is that it has been seen as one tied with criminality and people will behave as if a crime has been committed or that you support those crimes, and thus would recommend to people using said symbols to consider not using it. As I have done with Fox Miller and their arm bands.

In a world where symbols get co-opted by evil all the time though, this can be a slippery slope. The American Flag was co-opted by Trumpists before they showed how they really felt about them on the capital on Jan 6th by dropping the flag to replace it with the name of the faux god upon the side of the building. This is why one must judge by the actions of people rather than the symbols they adorn themselves with. Or begin to see the symbols as evil in and of themselves because someone did evil with it, less they symbol be fully co-opted successfully.

There are people out there who believe any and all furries commit predatory behavior on animals, where in truth most furries are against it, and those that do typically become fursona non grata such as Kero the Wolf has. But with Kero there was evidence of the deplorable behavior and the cover up of it. That is at this time not the case with Paradox. Right now it's a Schrodinger's Cat scenerio and we have no evidence one way or the other. We have a symbol and that's about it.

That would be the same as rounding up all Trump supporters even if they were not at the Capitol. You may feel good about it, but it sets a bad precedent that one must commit criminal activity before they are put on trial for it, rather than having circumstantial evidence. It maybe scary that people aren't charged in this country as preventative actions before bad things happen, but the alternative is the state deciding who goes to jail preemptively.

And you can ask Alexia Navalny how that usually goes.

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You can be shocked to find out that it was the cause of the closing of the show. Seriously. Look deeper if you don't want to be a vector for an excuse.

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I always love comments that indicate that the evidence is so obvious, while providing none.

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I also love how guy seems to think "true journalism" is posting one screenshot with zero explanation for what the fuck is going on and then gloating about it.

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"hey you should go ask about this"

"anon tipper can you do my story? lol case closed"

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I am asking for facts that they have based on their assertions, I cannot make shit up on things that I don't have to make someone look bad.

I'm not TMZ.

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TMZ is in LA
A reporter is just down the road from furcast

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You've been hanging around the Alt-right too long and have picked up some of their habits it seems.

1) Furcast is no longer a thing, we established this.
2) Since Paradox has moved I am not sure if they live down the road or not anymore.
3) Going over "just to ask questions" some rando asks on the internet is a bit rude, and can be done online.

For instance, I can just ask you a few questions:

If what you believe is true and Paradox is leaving production because he has 'heat' on him for alleged activities. Then why would he build another studio to continue producing content at all?

Did you realize that my statement of not being TMZ had nothing to do with location but content? If TMZ is what you're looking for, well you can go to TMZ.

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Is this patch again? It's patch again, right?

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One should also note that, regardless of any issues of legality, the act of bestiality is not intrinsically harmful nor should most instances be labelled predatory. In fact, there is little to no evidence (at least that I am aware of) that harm is a necessary aspect while there are very good reasons to doubt the harm narrative.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Thank you so much, Rakuen, so helpful, this interjection.

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He's only studied the first amendment, not so much the fifth.

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I will probably get downvoted for this, but I am willing to state my statement here, and that such value remains the same regardless of current rating I think.

If the person is not obligated to remove that, then the person isn't. People aren't bad for merely having an opinion that conflicts with beliefs based off moral panic alone. So right now, I personally don't see much of a real problem in the picture, especially since there is this argument arguing that isolating and hiding those who has specific problems in their head might at times makes it worse, especially when it comes to something that involves specific conduct being what might be a bit difficult to prove.
Though I don't fully know if that last part of the message is dangerously misleading though.

And yeah, the symbol being used for those who are attracted to non-human animals is probably not enough evidence since there is a difference between bestiality and merely being attracted to non-human animals.

Also, anthropomorphic animals are, well, anthropomorphic. The risk of certain people being on a Twitter profile like that really doesn't seem so different than someone who is not a furry having 2 cats.

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Just so you know, they're not talking about Humphrey or Kate here.

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Does everyone on Flayrah have a list of nemeses? I suspect some people that don't like me come here and troll anonymously. Crossaffliction sees an anonymous account and suspects it's Patch. You see an anonymous account and think it's Diamond Man.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I think we're dealing with multiple anons here.

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And multiple proxies/VPNs. On the plus side it gave me a good excuse to figure out how to get rid of what turned out to be ~900 votes (of ~137500 total votes) from all previously-banned IP ranges in Drupal. For the curious:

DELETE FROM `votingapi_vote` WHERE `vote_source` RLIKE (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(mask SEPARATOR '|') FROM `access` WHERE type = 'host' AND status = '0') [and then regenerate votingapi_cache]

Your rating: None

...What articles were those votes on?

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Probably more on the comments.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

Your rating: None

All manner of stories - and yes, more comments, and even links. Some were probably bots mindlessly triggering a vote while indexing (poorly) or spamming (which is why most are identified and blocked), perhaps years ago.

We get a lot of spam, or attempts to spam. When checked, spammers sometimes use data center IP ranges. In other case specific IP addresses have a history of spam on other sites which raises the confidence high enough to ban individual IPs when we get spam from them, even though they may be in a residential range. Both may be used by anonynizing VPNs, Tor, etc

Your rating: None

I had a sneaking feeling I hadn't gotten all banned IPs, and indeed the syntax required to capture banned ranges turned out to be different. It was also necessary to exclude explicitly-allowed ranges and addresses.

Here's how it looked, for the morbidly curious. An unconstrained query that processed all masks at once ended up as a 40KB regular expression that was too long for the server to handle, hence the 'mask LIKE' clauses to make it work without overflowing the stack:

SELECT * FROM `votingapi_vote` WHERE
  `vote_source` RLIKE (
    SELECT CONCAT( '^(' ,
        GROUP_CONCAT(mask SEPARATOR '|'),
      '.', '\\.'), '_', '.'), '%', '.*')
    , ')$')
    FROM `access` WHERE type = 'host' AND status = '0' and mask LIKE '9%')
  `vote_source` RLIKE (
    SELECT CONCAT( '^(' ,
        GROUP_CONCAT(mask SEPARATOR '|'),
      '.', '\\.'),  '_', '.'), '%', '.*')
    , ')$')
    FROM `access` WHERE type = 'host' AND status = '1'  and mask LIKE '9%')

Repeat it for each LIKE prefix to capture (IPs starting 1-9 respectively) and you're golden, to the tune of 1995 extra votes. Most of them likely the result of bots mindlessly trying links to see if they can post an ad. Constrain to uid = 0 for visitors.

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Well, yeah, this one's definitely Diamond Man.

I doubt he even meant to be anonymous; he probably just forgot to fill in the screenname bar after it had reset after a while. It happens.

Your rating: None Average: 1 (1 vote)

And as far as patch is possibly concerned, we didn't even definitively make the call last anon (but the way it slunk off immediately after Equivamp's call-out was kinda sus).

I've already brought up shitposts on bo this comment section, but there was an image some guy posted of dialogue over a Scooby-Doo unmasking scene where the gist was, "Oh, you just happened to run across this site. Uh-huh. We've definitely never seen you before! Sure!" and then the final panel was the unmasking except it's "MOUSE" or some other guy we didn't like.

And, yeah, it's kind of a thing here, too. Up to and including, yes, it does often end up being an old poster with a grudge.

Your rating: None

Well we got "Ben Dover" to deal with now as well.

Your rating: None

You know what, I think Mike's gone. At the very least he might come back like, well, me. But it won't be anonymous.

Your rating: None

I just go into every conversation assuming everyone's a nemesis at this point.

Your rating: None

Wow some of these replies. I don't know if this was meant to upset me or not, but all it does is only fuel my points I have about some of this community of this website and at this point it just seems funny. Is that the purpose? Because regardless, that's what it does.

Also there are two problems with the theory that Anon (visitor) #20 (if not broken) is me.
1. There isn't even a single word where it said "legal".
2. Why would I say "I will probably get downvoted" within the first sentence? That sounds way too kind to a place I have had repeat problems with.

Also, as someone who hates fallacies in many cases of debating, even if this person was me, it would unlikely matter. The argumentative points would be the same as the quality wouldn't increase or reduce in a comment like that. Besides, it probably would be better to comment as an "Anon (visitor)" (and I have to use that if I want to comment without logging in due to some ugly drama that happened on here.) because I assume some people downvote me just because "Diamond Man". Reason for this third paragraph is because why bother assuming that the comment is me?

Your rating: None

Oh, come the fuck on. You're not even gonna take credit for a comment that actually gets relatively "up" voted this time? Massive L

Your rating: None

At this point, you're avoiding the topic. Then again, why should I bother talking to a troll?

Your rating: None

Honestly, at this point, I'm so paranoid I don't actually think this is Diamond Man and somebody hacked his account.

Way too well-spoken.

Your rating: None Average: 1 (3 votes)

DiamondMan is actually the infamous wwwarea/Another-Realm
He he is crying about this site

Your rating: None Average: 2.7 (3 votes)

And yet, you still wonder why more people are starting to hate this website.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

If you hate this website, leave then, no one will miss you, wwwarea/Another-Realm

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It's sad to see a long running project closing down although nothing lasts forever. I can't say I ever listened to it (a bit long for my taste) and I can't recall being that aware of it before now. I was interested to learn they read Flayrah articles and I went and listened to two about things I had written. It was pretty entertaining, even if they seemed to struggle with some simple words! But if people are still looking for a furry podcast to fill the void, there's the South Afrifur Podcast!

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

That one did have me on.

Which is ironic since I lived just down the road from Furcast and am half way across the planet from Afrifur.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Well, that's why they had you. And why you're a roo. Everything seems more exotic from further away.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

Yeah, well I was once on a non-furry's podcast! Talking about furry.


I don't know if it's still up. I would link to it, but I can't find it. Nobody seemed to give much of shit on the furrymedia lj, but the guy did tell me later the two podcasts I appeared on were the two most listened to.

Your rating: None Average: 4 (1 vote)

Your rating: None Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

All I know is that it got hacked one time and played on air in on a Colorado station called KIFT and I submitted this article to bo-news and the best reply was "Sounds like KIFT ... just got YIFT." and I replied to that with this gif and that was a fun thread. Anyway the point is now both bo-news and FurCast are defunct ... and, oh well. I'm not really that torn up about it.

I think KIFT is doing fine.

Your rating: None

Regrettably the Internet Archive only has the front page from the day before (which does, however, feature your thread about Zootopia as an American propagada tool) and the week after (Captain America: Civil War).

Forum page archives also show a mash-up between Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan - and the fox hat driving license, which is definitely worth digging back over a decade for.

Your rating: None

Oh, I've got access. I can still log in.

I can't link to it, because the forum went "members only" around 2016 (the owner was actually a little concerned about a Trump administration cracking down on sites like bo; ironically, it's kind of the opposite and Trumpism thrived on weird little enclaves on the Internet). The site is kind of in limbo at the moment; the owner has said he's making no effort to preserve the forums, but he's not actively erasing it either. Eventually, I'm assuming as bills aren't paid it will poof into nonexistence or whatever, but you'd know more about that than me.

Basically anything furry I did, I also did a Newsbyte; if it wasn't, but was kinda good, it's on Twitter. Anything else is not really my business. Or is kind of crap.

Your rating: None

And as far as the KIFT/FurCast thread is concerned, there was the original submitted article by me, the guy did the YIFT joke, I posted the gif, one guy made a joke about sending in the National Guard which was the only post in the thread that did not gain at least 5 "green bulb" upvotes, and that was it.

Good thread. But short.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

@Tantroo You are welcome to come over since you live down the road. I can give you the whole story, it's a lot to cover and it's caused me to suffer a huge mental breakdown.

I've been trying to speak up publically but I worry as I don't wish to hurt someone but don't want to see others hurt. Show ending wasn't the catalyst, but the lies, distrust, exclusion, and treatment of neither me nor the fans mattering. Every fan asking me and hearing so many lies has made me unable to use Telegram, Twitter or any social media. I ask myself what's the point.

Your rating: None

When I get my injections that can be arranged, unfortunately given my health and age-group that may not be until May.

In essence I think your fans can understand your frustration about your loss and don't blame you for it. People are understanding, and obviously there are concerns that any schism that occurred between Paradox and yourself over this can lead to your fans also being in conflict. You've always been one to wear their heart on their sleeve even if it creates discomfort because that discomfort is a part of life, while Paradox seems to be the type to avoid conflict from at least my read of the show and online interaction.

It's always good to get more perspective, I'm on a hiatus right now due to mismanagement of my coverage of Dragoneer's repurchase of FA, but sometimes talking about it does help even if it is not for the record.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

I was at a total loss to hear that furcast was over, to never return. For me, furcast was the only connection I had left to the furry Fandom. I have dreamed for 6 years to meet the furcast crew at a con, but funds escaped me and then circumstances impeded me, and now I finally have more than enough funds and there's no fayroe or paradox to meet. I don't think fayroe will ever quite be the same. But if either of you are reading this, my life was one that you both saved, because furcast got me through some hella rough times. You will be missed.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I have been far from okay. Been in a lot of therapy since the shows end was forced upon me for little to no reason. Had a long spell of suicide that caused multiple friend interventions, therapy, medication and support from others. Anxiety, PTSD and dealing with a lot of the controlling abuse suffered from what I can only say was a one sided relationship.

I continued doing the show for the fans like you, give a voice and advice to that I never got, to be apart of the fandom. It's taken me this long working with others to even feel comfortable talking in public. I got to watch someone censor me, then demonize me and my wife, tell lies to many mutual friends of why they chose to end the show. All this while they got to take all of the stuff we built together, that all the fans donated. Being left with nothing, even outlets removed from the walls while I was unemployed while this all happened.

All the fans that donated over the years weren't donating just to Paradox, they were donating to FurCast. Then I got nothing, not a mic or even a chair left in my name. An empty room. Told I could connect with others using my phone. I lost not only myself in this, but my connection to the fandom. Watching as comments such as "The Patreon will be restarted under XBN" Seeing someone care so little about the fans and more about themselves yet perfectly crafted manipulation, because it was all about control. I was friends with an Extreme Narrasist and I as the Empath cleaned up all their mistakes, defended them, cared for them.

I think I could take being hurt if it was only me. But the constant weight of all the fans that were hurt by this, being unable to use any of my social media without a fan asking me why. It broke my heart more than anything, that I couldn't speak to anyone, make a broadcast, speak on camera. Once the studio was out of "our" house, I wasn't even told the new address of the studio. Do you have any idea at how much that hurts? 10 years of help building something with thousands from the community only to have a person take all the equipment, lie to me walking out the door then proceed to not allow me to know where they moved the studio to or let me help re-set it up.

There was never even an apology to this day. He never returned to this house to fix the holes left by tearing down all the equipment, the outlets left exposed when taking all the lights. I was left to clean up all the mess, left with nothing, no ability to fight or argue, and it broke me.

My suit hasn't been touched, and it's taken me up until these last two weeks to even be able to enter the attic without breaking down and crying. It has been left empty since the day it all left back on Nov 7th 2020.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

I'm so sorry this happened to you, I can't imagine what it must have (and continues to be) like. :-( Surround yourself with positive people, and take whatever time you need.

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