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A guy who loves equality. I don't want to share anything else for other reasons.

9-23-2012 I also believe that it's possible to change society's hatred about certain things like fandoms to a more better accepting thing... I think there are some messages haunting me claiming that it "isn't" possible but I am going to have to disagree with that and there is a lot of proof that it can happen. And since there really is an unusual issue about Society with it's normal, etc.. Honestly I just am one of those guys who likes to teach the world for a better change, and other things..

Again, I believe anything like that can happen and if I get messages claiming it isn't then bull crap. I hope someday the world gets better. :P

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Hi, I think I came here so I could have to possibility to delete my own comments, if no, well here I am.

UPDATE 2/2/2018
Flayrah is a piece of shit generally. It's one sided, not open minded, and many of the community is shit. I get 1-stared, even when I try so hard at being logical, and insults, and other forms of stuff gets praised more. I also think it has some reputation expecting causing people to be afraid to post their thoughts. Trust me, this site is one of the worst furry sites out there. It actually feels like a god damn cult. Deviant Art sometimes feel a MILLION times better than this horrifying place.

One of the worst users here who is usually known more is 2cross2affliction, who's hypocritical, emotional in a less controlled way, pretends his opinions are facts, picks fights on other places, and so on.
Here is my review of this website:
There should be some pictures.
To any furry out there who likes to share food for thought, don't use this site, and since it's dangerous.

My writing isn't the best, but please share if you understand it. Thanks!
Oh and someone from this website commented on there.

I'm not the only one who had problems with this site I think.

After this, I probably won't ever log into this account again unless it's an emergency, used for proof in a way, or to update this message. I might comment as a guest, sometimes.


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