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'Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games' - marks for effort, animation still needs work

Edited as of Wed 4 Jun 2014 - 03:47
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Alpha and Omega 3They're making these sequels fast; I think they've been working on them the past three years, ever since the first movie came out. Check out the trailer. [TheChriZ1995] The movie is in stores March 25; the Blu-ray & DVD edition is exclusive to Walmart and is currently offered for $18.96; it'll also be on iTunes for $14.99/$9.99 HD/SD.

While Alpha and Omega 2 had a very low quality, with a lack of shading and choppy animation, at least they tried to work on the issues for this one. It's a huge graphics upgrade from the second movie. Sadly the animation still needs work to be smooth like the first Alpha and Omega movie. Yet while the quality may not match up to the original, at least they are trying - I think it looks reasonable for what is essentially an extended TV show. For a company that isn't Pixar, they're doing a fairly good job at the moment.

I have a feeling some people on here may not like it, but this is for those who might want it, even if they never heard of it. It's great to have the fandom for this, though.


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I noticed this was posted on here (I had another article reviewing the second movie but I wonder why it's still not up?).

Just a couple of things I'm not pleasant about the edit is that there is a link going to a review that seems to attack it's purpose of designs and story (as whole) when yet, the designs are not flaws at all, and the fact that I love them; proving more of a interest design that was done on purpose.
Seems odd because my reviews are only for the purpose of finding real flaws; lack of smooth, glitches, lack of quality, un-matching graphics (I think), etc. Also for respecting feed-back suggestions of wanting more of something (Like wanting to suggest a focus on someone as an example).

And the other was that I put down:
"Honestly, I think it's great to have the fandom for this though. And it's great for people to help spread these, since I felt like I wanted to. :)"
Was gone.
I question why that was erased?

To note: This is my "first" article posted on here but my real first written one on here (That isn't posted yet) was the review about the second movie.
Just a heads up. ;)

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I'm not an editor here, but I can tell you one thing, emoticons are not usually considered news style, and usually get a :( from the editors.

As for the sentence that got erased, I'm guessing the reason was just its redundant; the two previous sentences already make that point, and saying you wanted to write the article and post it like saying you wrote the article. We kind of figured that.

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Well the article was part of me sharing my thoughts, thought it was OK to spread some "emoticon" opinion with it?
Like it's news but with thoughts attached to it or something.

And that's what I thought too, if you were referring to the last part of the article.
Thought a small repeating similar thing was sort of a style of talking, and I could of swear I saw some people write like that before.
If you meant the two sentences within the delete part, I was only expanding it; the "and" part looked extra and new, added to it.

And I said I wanted to, by sharing the reason why I mean.. I think.

Oh well I guess. xD

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As crossie said, emoticons are rarely suitable, even in opinion pieces. Use of language should communicate your emotion.

Most stories submitted to Flayrah are subject to substantial editing to ensure a consistent output. I removed the phrase "it's great for people to help spread this" because it seemed to be unclear; perhaps you were suggesting that it's a good thing to write about movies you like? That's a fine sentiment… but it's nothing to do with Alpha and Omega 3.

Ideally your review of 2 would have been published first; it is not up yet because it was longer and I felt this was a more pressing story, as it announces a recently-released work. We have a large backlog right now, and I have to pick which ones to focus on.

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Oh thanks for clearing that up. (What you said first and what you said last) I had a feeling it was because of how long it was. :P

For your second part, I was saying it was good to spread this for new anthropomorphic creatures being part of the fandom or something, rather than just being ignored (And sure, because I liked it can count with it if you want). Like to have Alpha and Omega fans to be part of the fandom, without any judgements.

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I agree that whether people like the movie or not, it's nice to have coverage to know that it exists. I just went to see "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" yesterday, with the "Almost Home" short and all the trailers for animated kids' features with it. "Rio 2" - CGI from Blue Sky, "The Boxtrolls" - stop-motion from Laika, "Planes: Fire and Rescue" - CGI, Disney subcontracted to Prana Studios in Mumbai; "For a company that isn't Pixar," Prana is doing GREAT at the moment, "How to Train Your Dragon 2" - CGI from Pacific Data Images, "Paddington" - CGI, I guess (the trailer is designed to show almost nothing yet). Hmmm, I guess that Animal Logic doesn't have anything coming out soon. Between all of these and "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" - Pacific Data Images again; PDI does all of DreamWorks Animation's CGI work - I'm sure that if I had seen "Alpha and Omega 3" too, it would have looked sick by comparison. Even startup CGI studios like Triggerfish Animation Studios in Cape Town ("Zambezia", "Kumba"), Reel FX in Dallas ("Free Birds"), and ToonBox Entertainment in Toronto ("The Nut Job") put out better-looking CGI than "Alpha and Omega 3".

Who did "Alpha and Omega 3", anyway? Richard Rich's Crest Animation Productions. It figures. From this review, they're improving -- but they still have a looong way to go.

To digress, is it just me, or are Laika's stop-motion movies getting increasingly disgusting? "Coraline" was a good creepy horror thriller. "ParaNorman" had too much emphasis on revivified rotting, falling-apart long-dead bodies for me. "The Boxtrolls" is apparently going to feature closeups of big worms or caterpillars crawling across faces, people with really gross table manners, and the like. Laika's stop-motion is brilliant, but is the studio going for the gross-out trade?

Fred Patten

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Yeah I want to express it mainly for people who still have there fandom to express ahead like any fandom, regardless of how many people who has unusual hatred over them.

If you mean the CGI as in "Smooth" wise in animation for the Nut-Job, etc, I kind of agree (I wouldn't call it "bad" but more lower), though, all they have to do is smooth up the animation and fix the lands around the characters (Did you notice that the wolves and other anthropomorphic creatures looked like the only models being cared about but the lands (being very "low polygoned" and possibly some of them "glitchy"), not?) What I found sad was that there was a polygon glitch on one of the rocks too... D:

"still have a looong way to go." Like I said above for what they "have" to do. xD But I think they were doing fine on the first movie, but I think it's just that there were budget issues on why the sequels does not have the perfect animation and full detail as the first. If "budget" wasn't the reason then I don't know what happened with the qualities, details, and movement.
Still I would say there still not bad movies to enjoy if you still want to enjoy the stories or something. Animation isn't as good but it's probably enough as being limited from a small company.
Note: I still don't think it's fair to compare budget movies from small companies to Pixar or others like it.

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It is reasonable to consider a work in the context of its limitations. But from a consumer perspective, it is helpful to compare it to works which cost the same. The ~$20 they are charging for a Blu-ray of Alpha and Omega 3 might instead be spent on Despicable Me 2 or Frozen, which are arguably superior in quality. For $8, it might be a different matter.

(Of course, Alpha and Omega 3 is available on iTunes for $9.99 SD or $14.99 HD, while Frozen is $14.99 and $19.99 respectively - but the latter can also be rented for 1/3 the sale price.)

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Maybe but cost-amount isn't always tied to quality reasons, because there are different reasons to get something. Even though it cost pretty much the same as Frozen, I can't say "It's worth buying that instead" when I may personality like the other more, regardless of the quality. Besides, it's still a very cheap price to me a little, like it probably wouldn't matter, especially if each was only $1.00.
I can understand if people were more trying to spend money only for "high quality" movies maybe though.

Say another example is that a rare video game was much lower, but it cost a lot because of it being rare and a lost gem, even though the quality was very low in comparison.

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That last note reminds me of the Red Letter Media "Mr. Plinkett" review of Revenge of the Sith.

"Is it fair to compare Revenge of the Sith to Citizen Kane? NOPE! Am I going to do it anyway? YUP!"

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There can only be one Laika for any animal-lover. There were many space dogs - furs might like Lisichka (???????, "Little Fox").

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To was OK for a low budget animated movie I still can't wait for their other upcoming animated movie Norm of the North.

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Sincerely yours Hardial and Bianca Johal

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Sincerely yours Hardial and Bianca Johal

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