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Easter Bunny Protests, Is Arrested

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This time of year it is not entirely unusual to walk into a store such as K-mart and find someone bedecked with bunny ears and tail, and on March 11th that is exactly how Amy Hamilton-Thibert appeared. What wasn't typical was the cardboard sign she bore, which simply stated:

"Someone's in my Easter basket ... and it's G.I. Joe!!"

The reference was to Easter baskets which held, not the traditional chocolate bunny, but armed toy soldiers. "Guns are for war and killing people. Easter baskets are for eggs and for bunnies," she said.

When asked to leave the premises by the store manager she refused, and was arrested for trespassing. She identified herself only as "Miss Bunny" to arresting officers and apparantly has ties to The Easterbunny Liberation Organization and Friends of Chocolate Bunnies.


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And the un/misinformed say we're weird...

Tlaren }:=8}

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I don't see what's "weird" about this at all.

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My thoughts on this are best summed up in <1048076778.996269@ursine.cave> on Google didn't seem to pick it up, but any of the furry servers with good retention will have it.

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