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FC2004 Newsletter - April 2003

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THROUGH 26, 2004
. This isn't a change we wanted to make, having
already announced a date, but forces beyond our control are requiring
us to reschedule. We tried to get the Martin Luther King weekend, but
that wasn't available to us, so we're just moving one week earlier
than originally planned. Thanks for your understanding. It wasn't an
easy choice for us, and we hope this change doesn't keep anyone away.
So, now that that's out of the way, I want to take a moment to thank
everyone who made it out to FurCon 2003, and made it one of our best
conventions ever. We had a blast putting on the convention, and
certainly hope you all had as much fun as we did. This year, our
theme is "The Great Outdoors," and we hope to make it as fun a
convention as we had last year.

We've already announced that Mr. Larry Niven will be one of the guests
of honor at the convention, and he's already confirmed that he will
still be able to attend at the new date. For anyone who doesn't know
who this is, he's the well-known science fiction and fantasy author of
such novels as Ringworld, The Magic Goes Away, Dream Park, and many
others. He's known to be a fun guest at conventions, and we all look
forward to meeting him next January. You all will have a chance to
meet him as well, since we're going to be the first furry convention
to feature "Kaffe Klatches," where attendees can sign up for small
discussion sessions with the guests of honor, over morning coffee.
We're also looking at holding a patron reception with the guests of
honor during the con, so keep that in mind when you register for the

We've got online registration for the convention up now, but the hotel
isn't quite set up for reservations yet, because of the change of the
date of the convention. We should have the room block set up and
ready to go by the start of may, so watch the Further Confusion WWW
for more information on the
hotel. Also, as always, we're constantly looking for volunteers! If
you are interested in volunteering or being on the FC staff, drop a
line to

I look forward to seeing you all next year, as we try and make Further
Confusion 2004 the best Further Confusion ever!

Michael "Aetobatus" Sawyer - FurCon 2004 Chairman
Jeremy "Frysco" Doran - FurCon 2004 Vice-Chairman

Further Confusion


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