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First-quarter 2013 furry media roundup

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For those who missed out on the news over the last three months, here's a quick roundup.

2013 opened with a feature on the business of fursuit-making, as detailed by Snap E. Tiger.

Further Confusion 2013 garnered some coverage, including a Kotaku contributor's weekend at a furry convention – which started out with party-hopping, followed by a fursuit parade (admittedly, the experience for many FC attendees). The author reached the [adjective][species] statistics panel before returning to the party floor . . . and then, the dance floor. also provided coverage of FC, albeit limited to an apparently remote Q&A session with the con's media representative, Chairo. The brief piece was fact-filled, yet in comparison with Kotaku did not venture deeply into the motivations of those attending.

Sneaking in at the end of the month was a cover piece in Nashville LGBT monthly Out & About (subtitled "It's not all about sex in fur suits"), and a photo-heavy article of the "everyday lives of furries at home", featuring the furry photography of Tom Broadbent. [tip: HappyWulf]

In mid-Feburary, San Diego TV station CBS8 covered local park furmeets. VancouFur also received coverage from The Province (later tweaked).

The Boise Weekly had a photo slideshow from FurIdaho 2013, while convention blogger Jeff Bulger gave a detailed con-report. (The inability to host the event over spring break this year appears to seems to have led to a reduction in attendance, with an estimate of 220 floating around.)

Atlanta Magazine interviewed Furry Weekend Atlanta's founder Tigerpaw, and gave a brief summary accompanied by attendee quotes. German weekly Stern also gave the convention an interior spread. The end of March saw a short piece in Germany's GEO Magazine [Aranur], plus mention of the rise of anthropomorphic animal characters in Russian gaming magazine Igromania #186 [Digger].Furry & Fetisch

On March 17, Hungarian magazine Velvet claimed: "They're not having sex in fursuit, they just like animals"

Finally, also from Germany, comes an episode of Wild Germany, "Furry & Fetisch", on ZDFneo. According to the 33-page FurBase thread, it's not as bad as you might expect from the title and trailer, though many still criticised the producers for covering furry together with pet-play in the thirty-minute segment.

Like many others, I am also surprised how objectively it was reported. I felt the reporter was very pleasant and he got really involved with the topic. I also thought the pet-play scene was well done, but very much separate from the Furry scene and in addition, the erotic aspect, if any, played only a minor role. [Tilondrion - translated]

The furry portion of the show features arctic fox fursuiter Zion (Ronja) and tiger-keeper MaleLion (Jan Klagge).

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!


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You've got two links to the same Atlanta magazine article there. The first one (interview with Tigerpaw) should point to

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Thanks, Higgs. Think my copy-and-paste slipped up there - I know I had the article open when drafting this! :-)

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A piece I missed in Hungarian magazine Velvet: "They're not having sex in fursuit, they just like animals"

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