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Furry Weekend Atlanta

Ghosting the Attendees: the problematic trend of conventions hiding their headcount

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Granddad loved ghost stories The term "ghosting a convention" is when a person attends and hangs around, but has not paid the organizers to do so. It’s seen as a major faux pas in the furry fandom due to the amount of time, effort and money their fellow fans put forth in order to put on the events.

Those who support the festivities through their patronage, therefore, should be praised for putting their time and money forth to support their gathering of choice. For the relationship between convention and attendee is symbiotic.

Instead, certain events seem to have started to shun the precedent of sharing how many furs attended their celebrations. Like a tree falling in the forest, the con did occur; but if you look back years from now, there will be no hard evidence of how many gathered. In essence, it is the attendees who have been ghosted.

Which is why I am writing this piece today, concerning a worrisome trend that a handful of events seem to have taken - including some of the largest events in our fandom. Conventions, as of late, have been trying to push away from publicly putting forth their attendance counts.

Update 5/24: An updated tentative count was released by BLFC in the comments below.
Update 6/16: FWA has provided their counts with the video of closing ceremonies in comments below.
Update 6/16: AnthOhio, which took place in late May after the article was written, has as of today not released attendance numbers on any internet media platform. They did release charity numbers of $13,000 raised.

A week from Furry Weekend Atlanta - highway collapse could impact travel

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Collapse.jpgConvention attendees to Atlanta, Georgia's furry gathering are advised to keep a look out for any updates on traveling conditions as news reports of a major highway failure have surfaced. The infrastructure failure due to an intense fire has made national headlines and has occurred near a main road artery near where interstate 85 and 400 conjoin.

The loss of such a major road for the city could exacerbate traffic conditions in the region for the foreseeable future. It is advised if any attendees are traveling to the convention by automobile, particularly from a Northern direction, that they take additional time and make sure to keep abreast of any detours and delays that may result.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is only six days away, starting on April 6th. Its main hotel is located at 265 Peachtree Center in downtown. The infrastructure failure is located approximately nine miles north from there. The image on this article is a screenshot as of publication. Clicking on it will link to a more current map view of the area.

Furry artist FilthyRotten dies from surgery complications

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FilthyRotten (1979-2014)Furry artist FilthyRotten Jackalope (Tangela Parten, née Harris) has been reported dead following complications from emergency surgery at the age of 35.

A long-time resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and a long-time participant in the local furry community, FilthyRotten served as Volunteer Coordinator at Furry Weekend Atlanta from 2008 to 2013. She moved in June 2013 to Vancouver, Washington, with her husband DarkPatu (Paul Parten) and their three children.

On April 1, 2014, FilthyRotten posted pictures to her Twitter account from her stay at the Peace Health Services Hospital for a blood transfusion (due to a history of chronic internal bleeding), but by April 4, she posted that she would be heading to emergency surgery the next day. According to DarkPatu, "Complications after an emergency hysterectomy led to an infection in her brain and cranial bleeding."

First-quarter 2013 furry media roundup

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For those who missed out on the news over the last three months, here's a quick roundup.

2013 opened with a feature on the business of fursuit-making, as detailed by Snap E. Tiger.

Further Confusion 2013 garnered some coverage, including a Kotaku contributor's weekend at a furry convention – which started out with party-hopping, followed by a fursuit parade (admittedly, the experience for many FC attendees). The author reached the [adjective][species] statistics panel before returning to the party floor . . . and then, the dance floor. also provided coverage of FC, albeit limited to an apparently remote Q&A session with the con's media representative, Chairo. The brief piece was fact-filled, yet in comparison with Kotaku did not venture deeply into the motivations of those attending.

Sneaking in at the end of the month was a cover piece in Nashville LGBT monthly Out & About (subtitled "It's not all about sex in fur suits"), and a photo-heavy article of the "everyday lives of furries at home", featuring the furry photography of Tom Broadbent. [tip: HappyWulf]

Video: G4's 'Attack of the Show' features FWA footage

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Fursuiters featured today on G4's Attack of the Show at 7PM Eastern today, in a segment involving footage filmed a fortnight ago at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011. [time tip: FNN]

FWA's decision to allow filming was controversial, with several dealers complaining that they were not informed of their involvement or given the option to opt-out.

Furry Weekend Atlanta unveils new registration system

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FWA's IT staff have been hard at work restructuring its registration system, This new system allows users to register once, and pay at any time for not only convention registrations, but other services and products found at FWA, including items in the con store.

Local dining and convention schedules are also to be available by the start of the convention.

Moonstalker, Hali selected as guests of honor at FWA 2009

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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009 has announced the Guests of Honor for the sixth installment of the convention: Matthew Ebel a.k.a. Hali of Firpine and, Moonstalker a.k.a. Richard Foley.[1]

Furry Weekend Atlanta changes date, hotel

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Furry Weekend Atlanta will not be held during the usual Valentine's Day weekend next year - instead, the fourth largest furry convention has been moved to March 19-22 for 2009, and presumably for all FWAs to come.[1] The change in dates was primarily due to space conflicts with a large cheering competition taking place in Atlanta during the same weekend.[2]

The convention has also changed hotels for 2009, switching from a two-year run with the Sheraton to move to the larger Hilton Atlanta hotel.

Convention news for 1Q 2008

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Recent news from conventions near and far.

Furry Weekend Atlanta surpasses 1000 registrations

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As Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008 wrapped up its fifth year, convention staff counted 1,046 registered participants as of its closing ceremonies, once again a 37% increase over the previous year's count.[1]

By surpassing the one-thousand-member mark, Furry Weekend Atlanta solidified its ranking as the fourth largest furry convention, a position it attained the previous year.

Southern Tails: Furry Weekend Atlanta December Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta

February 15-17, 2008
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA

1. Hotel is filling up!
2. Save time later, pre-register now!
3. Programming Spotlight: Poker Tournament
4. Programming Spotlight: Extreme Fursuit Makeover
5. Variety Show!
6. Art Show now accepting submissions!
7. Dealers Den IS FULL!
8. Volunteers needed!
9. The Furry Weekend Atlanta Family

Less than 70 days and counting!

Furry Weekend Atlanta November Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta

February 15-17, 2008
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA

1. Hotel is filling up!
2. Save time later, pre-register now!
3. Meet our Guest of Honor: Bonk!
4. Programming Spotlight: First Con Orientation
5. Art Show now accepting submissions!
6. Dealers Den over HALF FULL!
7. Volunteers needed!
8. The Furry Weekend Atlanta Family

Less than 110 days and counting!

Southern Tails: Furry Weekend Atlanta September Newsletter

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The official newsletter of FUrry Weekend Atlanta

February 15-17, 2008
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA

1. Hotel is filling up!
2. Save time later, pre-register now!
3. Meet our Guest of Honor: Tilt Longtail!
4. Art Show now accepting submissions!
5. Snag a table in the Dealers' Den before it sells out!
6. Volunteers needed!
7. The Furry Weekend Atlanta Family

Less than 150 days and counting!

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007 reports 37% growth

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Furry Weekend Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - The Sheraton Gateway Hotel was booked solid this weekend, as hundreds of fans descended upon Atlanta for a weekend of fur, fun . . . and, in one case, diving down the stairs.[2]

Furry Weekend Atlanta reported near-record growth this year, with paid attendance jumping 37% from 557 to 762, making it the 4th largest furry convention.[3] On numerical terms, this growth almost equals that of two years ago, when the number of con-goers nearly doubled from 270 to 500.

Bad Dog Books new releases at Furry Weekend Atlanta

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Bad Dog Books has released new pocket-sized paperback editions of FANG Volume 1, FANG Volume 2 and FANG Presents: Everybody Loves Luther, which will be available at the FurNation table during Furry Weekend Atlanta. All three books are priced $19.99.