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Furry Weekend Atlanta unveils new registration system

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FWA's IT staff have been hard at work restructuring its registration system, This new system allows users to register once, and pay at any time for not only convention registrations, but other services and products found at FWA, including items in the con store.

Local dining and convention schedules are also to be available by the start of the convention.

The concept behind myFWA is that once registered, the user's information is retained for future purchases. The web connectivity allows the user to pay anywhere, anytime. For instance, a convention goer could arrive at the hotel the day of the con, log in to their myFWA account on their smartphone, pay the registration fee, then simply enter the "Paid" line and pick up their badge. For future conventions the user simply logs in and pays. No more re-entering all your information every time you register for FWA.

Additional functionality will allow users to pay for store items in the online store using a computer, their smartphone, or any one of the kiosks that will be set up around the convention space. Once the payment is completed, they simply go to the con store and pick up their purchase.

Furry Weekend Atlanta will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Downtown from March 17–21. For further information, see


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