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Morphicon early registration & t-shirt contest open

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Morphicon, Ohio's furry convention, has opened early registration on its new website.

Those registering before March 1 save $10 on Basic, Sponsor, and Patron donor levels. Early registration is the only way to register as a Hypertrophe. Extra funds could be used to support Morphicon's charity, Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services.

As is traditional, Morphicon also seeks the most awesome design possible to adorn its t-shirts. Voting on designs begins February 21.

What, you may ask, will you get for all your hard work? Nothing short of a Patron-level registration (never mind a t-shirt with your design will be visible to everyone at the con)! And what if your design just doesn't...quite...make it, there's still a Sponsor-level membership for the runner-up.

For more information on the art contest, or Morphicon in general, please visit


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