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Video: G4's 'Attack of the Show' features FWA footage

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Fursuiters featured today on G4's Attack of the Show at 7PM Eastern, in a segment involving footage filmed a fortnight ago at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011. [time tip: FNN]

FWA's decision to allow filming was controversial, with several dealers complaining that they were not informed of their involvement or given the option to opt-out.

Operations director Kiran Lightpaw defended the convention's choice, saying that G4 was covering 'the activities of fursuiters', not making 'a general “furry convention” piece':

They shot hours of footage featuring nothing but fursuiters, primarily in a private shoot that took place on Saturday afternoon, and a total of about 30 minutes of footage elsewhere in the convention meant to be “B” roll footage, used in gaps or to set the mood.

Presenter Sara Underwood led the footage, and commissioned a piece from Artists' Alley. Several furs recorded the filming

See also: An Atlanta radio station also covered the convention, rather less positively. [FNN]


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As one of the dissatisfied dealers that was filmed, I await this very hesitantly. :(

+ Banrai

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Pleasantly surprised by this, especially considering G4's audience. Of course, they covered some adult territory, but they presented it as a small section of the convention and quickly moved on. Whoever was in charge of adding animal sound effects needs to be fired, though, that got really annoying near the end.

Also, Kevin's post-segment revelation that "the human-like animals of classic Disney animation" inspired the fandom was so interesting! I had no idea.

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not terrible, but the canned sound effects were unnecessary. It's like the auditory equivalent of throwing in every transition available in a program, just because you can.

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Well compared to some of the other crap i've seen, this is great!

But yes, sound effects were kind of excessive, and i couldn't imagine any dealer of those pics letting a film crew near them, but hey, for these guys, I'm genuinely impressed!

Quite the fox they had as the reporter too... :D

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That was the table I shared with Korrok - they came to our table, filmed us without asking, and filmed the artwork without asking as well. If we'd known what they were on about, we wouldn't have allowed it at all. As it were, they weren't supposed to be in the Dealer's Den filming at that point at all. :(

+ Banrai

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I assumed that's what they did, but overall (again, considering their audience) it wasn't going too far by their standards.

But yeah, where the heck was their escort?

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lol at the the whore AOTS now has for extra male attention, also that part about the porn and leather cuffs was quite unnecessary :|

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I'd like to think of this as a positive piece. Certainly it has lots of fursuiters having fun. And yet . . . I saw Sara's expression off-camera. I suspect they chose to end with her calling the assembled furs "losers" for a reason.

As for the Fursuit Olympics - you know there's a law against that, right? The IOC is fond of cease-and-desists too.

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you are reading way too far into that "losers" comment Greenreaper :(

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I'd rather be a loser then a "Winning".

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I didn't think it was too terrible; more than anything, it seemed like a "spring break" kind of bent mostly focused on the reporter's scanty clothing and having a lot of fun chilling with the furries. I don't think people will pay too much attention to the blurred furry porn.

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The comments from furrymedia on lj should not be missed.

Especially the ones about boobs.

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That being said, I, for one, am totally offended by the porn section of the show.

I mean, that was obviously a fox blurred out in "girl on girl", not a wolf! Get it right!

But seriously, you can't complain that your porn for sell got shown off when you're showing off porn for sell. We're furries; we buy, sell, peruse, discuss, and, yes, even masturbate to furry porn. At least it was halfway decent; you guys got good porn down there in Georgia.

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An Atlanta radio station also covered the convention, rather less positively. [FNN]

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Oh lookie. IK's on a rant. AGAIN.

"This is exactly what I've been preaching. Furries ruin their own reputation for the whole fandom. We need to exercise these type of crazed people from "Family oriented" events."

If that isn't batshit insane, I don't know what is.

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Well they could stand to lose a couple of pounds I'm sure.

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Speaking frankly, when is the dude not on a rant?

Regardless, that doesn't pertain to this. If he has something to say here, let him come here and say it.

+ Banrai

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Call me when someone finally covers the "non-fursuit" part of the fandom.

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Yeah, agreed.

You know, not everyone has a spare $800-$3,000 laying around to pay for a suit, so it's a wee bit disingenuous to talk about furries while covering only fursuiters.

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to me, it was kinda like "FWA, fursuits, a fun furry con- OH LOOK ADULT ART- okay lets move on to the Kari in fox tails & ears, a skimpy clothing style & put her in the fursuit games"

overall, not satisified.

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