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Digging Up Positivity May 2024

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In this episode!

  • Furry convention in Atlanta raising 100.000 for charity!
  • Spotlight on several awesome women in the fandom!
  • How accessible is our fandom truly?
  • Animators working together!

And much more!

And of course, stay until after the episode to hear who has one an item of their choice in my lovely ArtworkTee store, after a series of lovely interviews from some amazing ladies from the furry fandom about their experience here, including how accessible we truly are for someone with a disability.

But first, we dig into this months charities!

Charity Updates


From Porland, USA we have Furcationland where 1210 lovely snoots have raised $10,284.13 for the Short Folks for Hope foundation! This is a lovely initiative by cancer survivor Kristen Short, dedicated to give support to families who have to deal with the impact of a cancer diagnosis and everything that entails.


1421 awesome friends in Australia have from Furry Down Under raised $11,388.45 for Fresh Start Rescue, a non-profit organisation devoted to finding new homes for cats and dogs.

Garden State Fur The Weekend

And the visitors from Garden State Fur The Weekend have gathered $6,157.30 for the Pipsqueekery! As the name suggests, this is an animal rescue devoted to our smaller friends, like rabbits, rats, and more! Striving to find forever homes for those cute little fuzzies after they are found healthy and adoptable!

Spicy Ramen Challenge Pt5

After sending their friends through their trials of fire, Bandit Raccoon took up the challenge themselves, acing all the rounds of hit spicy ramen, raising $200 for ALS, ending this spicy arc with a total of $760 raised.

Furry Weekend Atlanta

Over 15,000 critters attended in Furry Weekend Atlanta making some insane memories while raising an absolutely amazing $100,000 dollar for Lost N Found Youth, an organisation dedicated to end homelessness for all LGBTQ+ youth by supporting them wherever they can to enable them to live independently.


Now, with large gatherings, like Furry Weekend Atlanta, of course you have your fair share of incidents, no matter what kind of convention. Trust me, the stuff that goes on behind closed doors with manager conventions, however, at FWA Reisbarks who tried to be helpful but the individual who he tried to help was...

Okay, so Reisbark got his finger bitten off. Charges have been pressed, the GoFundMe currently sits at $2,651.

Together we can change the world

Keenora is not a stranger to this show. He has this wonderful initiative called ’Lets Change The Worlds Together’ and I had the pleasure to help him with the latest episode, donating $2,800.85 to the Catboat in Amsterdam, a very unique albeit necessary floating cat shelter in downtown Amsterdam.

Breaking $600,000

And with this, all the charities covered by Digging Up Positivity broke the $600,000 raised worldwide for charities by members of the furry fandom. Especially after ‘the plague’ we seem to gone into overdrive. Furry conventions are being visited more than ever, and the growth does not show any sign of stopping.

Other News

Largest Mascot Dance

Guiness Book of Records lists the current largest Mascot dance at 134 people. But Studio 643 did seem to break this at JMOF with 300 people! Group dances are vastly more popular in Asia, where in the West solo dances and dance battles are more focused on. As by recording this video, the attempt has not been ratified yet, but I hope it does!


At our end of the pond, in the Netherlands was completely swept up with Europapa. Joost Klein truly is a phenomenon here, and it was a matter of time before a furry version got made! Laser The Sharkfox answered the call with Furopapa, and it is not just any version, the lyrics are changed too!

Animation News


It has been a while since Lackadaisy surprised us all with their amazing pilot based on their comic. But they have not been sitting still. Besides the provided glimpses of them working hard behind the curtains, they do release periodic shorts, Ingenue is one of them, releasing this month even, and they placed a beautiful trailer online teasing the release.

Nothing Left To Loose

It is often that animators of all walks of life band together online to create projects together. One of them is ‘Nothing Left To Loose’, based upon the webcomic ‘Africa’. Projects like these do not provide an opportunity to grow the animators reach and network, but also to gain experience, not just for animating, but also setting up a project like this. And with results we can all enjoy!

Celine & Cheswick

Speaking of independent animation! Recently MongoPaladin released ‘Celine and Cheswick’. The animation is a homage to the animation style of the 90’s, starring Celine the cat and Cheswick the dog, who are going on a midnight binge for some food. But will it have consequences? Oh yes, but not what you may think!


Last month we had Ink from Ireland in the show, and we banded together to interview several awesome women in the fandom from all walks of life. Including some with a disability, talking about their experiences. Without Ink, this segment would not be possible, but before we start to thank everybody, lets hear it for these ladies!

[Featurette: Women in the fandom. Interview with group: Lady Nightlight, Mieno The Badger, Gunybeats, Perilotloz, Khatir, Terkina, and Kitwana Lion]

Thank You

First of all, thank you kindly for staying with us till the very end of this longer than usual episode! I would like to express a special thanks to Ink for helping me with this months interviews and I hope you all like it! if you would like to see more similar contents, let me know in the comments! I always love to hear your feedback!

But, one thing I promised as well! I would pick someone from the comment section who is able to pick something from the PAWS collection in my ArtworkTee store: AlexLexxie!

Please do contact me through my Linktree so I can verify some things we can send you stuff! But please do so before the next episode goes live!

Of course, if you want to check out my ArtworkTee store, by all means! But there are other ways to support me as well, besides the usual liking and subscribing, you can go to Subscribe Star, my Twitch channel or become a channel member like these amazing people!

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The next episode of Digging Up Positivity will be on June 29th, see you around and all the hugs!


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