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Furry artist FilthyRotten dies from surgery complications

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FilthyRotten (1979-2014)Furry artist FilthyRotten Jackalope (Tangela Parten, née Harris) has been reported dead following complications from emergency surgery at the age of 35.

A long-time resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and a long-time participant in the local furry community, FilthyRotten served as Volunteer Coordinator at Furry Weekend Atlanta from 2008 to 2013. She moved in June 2013 to Vancouver, Washington, with her husband DarkPatu (Paul Parten) and their three children.

On April 1, 2014, FilthyRotten posted pictures to her Twitter account from her stay at the Peace Health Services Hospital for a blood transfusion (due to a history of chronic internal bleeding), but by April 4, she posted that she would be heading to emergency surgery the next day. According to DarkPatu, "Complications after an emergency hysterectomy led to an infection in her brain and cranial bleeding."

FilthyRotten was pronounced dead at 2:14 A.M. PST on April 15, 2014. Furry Weekend Atlanta staff member Jared Wolfe posted to the FWA Facebook group that a memorial page would be posted on the convention's official website.


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It really is unfair for those kids to lose their mother so soon, it's a real shame. I've seen the husband's tweets and it seems he's remaining strong throughout this difficult time. I'm sure the fandom will help show their support to the family just as Tangela had supported them as a staff member at FWA, in whatever way they can.

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Oh, geez, that's terrible. :( I just heard about this. She's one of those people I always wished I'd gotten to know better. My heart goes out to her family.

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