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Midwest FurFest usurps Anthrocon's record and becomes the world's largest furry convention

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The cockroach upon the Pittsburgh-themed horse sees the Chicago Raccoon off as it takes the lead, while special friends look on. (Art by SelkieGal)

A closing ceremony for the fandom's history books took place on December 3rd, 2017. In the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, uproarious cheers and howls could be heard. With the utterance of a simple number, the convention's attendance was revealed to the expectant furries and made waves. Around 8,700 people had attended the gathering in Chicago this year, and in that moment it became the largest furry convention in the world, surpassing Pittsburgh's furry convention, Anthrocon, whose attendance was 7,544 this year.

A history of furry's largest Fest

Midwest FurFest started in the year 2000. Its attendance was only a third of Anthrocon's at that time. The Chicagoland con had emerged from a science fiction convention in the area called Duckon and implemented what was learned there. For instance, Duckon had a very well-stocked con suite, which is why Midwest FurFest's also takes the generous step of offering a continual flow of snacks and soda, accessible to all attendees. Other conventions typically reserve such rations to sponsor-level guests and higher.

The leadership style of the convention also stands out from its Pittsburgh rival. Instead of having one leader in the convention chair position, MFF rotates its leader. Each term is has been no longer than three years, but are two on average. There was only one repeat chair as of 2017, the late Takaza J. Wolf.

By utilizing this style of organization, Midwest FurFest kept a fresh pair of eyes in the front seat, as well as giving their leaders a break to get more involved in the ground operations where they could keep a handle on changing social dynamics and methods. It promoted a more "round table" style of leadership, where they saw one another as peers rather than the "square table" style of maintaining a consistent chair.

The OWO meme makes an appearance in a window of the Hilton at Midwest FurFest 2017. Photo by @kadengshep on Twitter.Those who worked the registration booth this year really felt the squeeze. Not only did they need to deal with the record-setting crowd, but also with the technical limitations of a new cloud-based registration system, according to sources. Similar to the Pokemon Go gathering that took place in Chicago this year (but thankfully not quite that disastrous), the networks suffered overload which caused data to crawl to its destination. Those that didn't pre-register had noted hours of wait time with lines that stretched down the entire lower wing of the hotel. But with help from other staff they pulled through.

One of the biggest logistical challenges faced by the convention was the emergency situation that arose in 2014 when a jar of chlorine was shattered in the upper floors of the Hyatt, the main hotel of the convention. It happened after midnight on Sunday morning and required the evacuation of the hotel in its entirety. The guests, after standing out in the cold December air for about 30-45 minutes, were ushered into the lower parts of the Rosemont Convention Center, a neighboring building that the furry convention had not yet made use of officially. Ironically it was set to hold a (real) dog show that year. After a few hours of investigation, clean-up, and venting, the Hyatt was reopened to the furries who instantly crashed. The haze of the events could be felt on Sunday as people had gotten much less sleep than usual, on top of what Saturday night parties usually caused.

The furs of the Furfest have made their way back to the Rosemont Convention Center, but unlike 2014 under far better circumstances. In 2016 a few panels were held in one of its halls, including the Fursuit Dancing Workshop: a panel for teaching fursuiters (and furs in general) basic dance steps. This year, the building was used for the dealer's den. A much-praised decision, as in prior years the furry marketplace was held in the lower floor of the Hyatt and the space had become quite crowded. Casual browsing or doing any sort of transaction was made difficult by this situation.

Fortunately for this convention, the room to expand was there. As they continue to get larger, there is room to continue to grow. A challenge that is a bit more precarious for the other larger conventions.

Anthrocon's long reign ends

Anthrocon, the fandom's former largest convention, began in 1997 in Albany, New York, then moved south to Valley Forge, PA and to other locations before it finally settled into the heart of downtown Pittsburgh in 2006. Anthrocon has a specific strategy that hasn't been successfully copied by other furry cons. The con tied itself in with its host city, by improving relations with the non-furry locals, decision-makers, and the media. The result of this integration has led to strong feelings of goodwill, that apparently even the bail-bond loan shops in the area have put up signs to welcome the furries.

For 17 years, Anthrocon had been the largest furry convention each year, starting in 2000 when it surpassed the west coast juggernaut of ConFurence. The Californian con had been suffering from attendance loss, from 1,250 at its peak in 1998, down to 703 two years later. As of 2017, this makes Midwest FurFest the first furry convention to take the lead position against a rival convention that isn't in decline.

Anthrocon's CEO was well aware of the possibility of the event, noting at its closing ceremonies this year that the Pittsburgh convention's goal was never to be the largest, but to be the best convention experience that they can give. Just before Midwest Furfest this year he saw a bright side to not being the biggest fish in the pond, hoping the media may bother their board for comment on furry scandals instead of his.

Over the course of its leading position, Anthrocon made great strides and connections with the people of its host city. Pittsburgh wears its fuzzy event with pride, seeing it as a tourist boon. Now with this news of a new top dog, one can only wonder how Pittsburghers will react to knowing that they're hosting the second-largest furry convention for the first time in one-and-a-half decades. Will they push to try and expand and reclaim the title of hosting the largest one? Or will they let things play out and be happy with the benefits it brings in, regardless of size?

There in Spirit

A memorial table set up in the Consuite of Midwest FurFest 2017Despite this great success for Midwest FurFest and its staff, there's a tinge of tragic sadness that lingers over the celebratory air. In the past year, three individuals with close ties to the convention and its journey have passed on.

  • QuasiSkunk: A volunteer for the convention lost his life in a car accident while they were traveling home from last year's Midwest FurFest.
  • Takaza J. Wolf: The co-founder of the convention died in the spring of this year due to a heart attack. He was the only one to serve two terms as chair in the convention's history, and was the longest-serving chair at four years total. He was honored by the Science Fiction community at the Hugo Awards during a memorial of faces that had passed over the year. A true homage to our roots, given that furry fandom became its own thing after stemming from the sci-fi community and its gatherings.
  • Rapid T. Rabbit: The Guest of Honor at the very first Midwest FurFest lost his life due to illness. He had a fondness of carousels, puppeteering, and had his own television show, Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends, broadcast on public-access cable in the 1980s.
  • The losses of those so closely tied to the convention within the year of the Fest's milestone left a slightly bittersweet taste to this achievement for the gathering in Chicago. However, it can be said that the legacy of these individuals lives on through the continued successes of the festivities. They should be proud of what they've left behind.

    2018 and Beyond

    It is yet to be known what impact Midwest's accomplishment will have on the rest of the fandom. It's possible that FurFest could be in the lead for a while, or it and Anthrocon could sporadically take turns in the pole position, or it's possible in the future that Biggest Little Fur Con in Nevada could step in and bring the title of the largest furry convention back to the West.

    What is clear now is that with all the different approaches to leadership, to interactions with the local communities, and with the furry community itself, the choices of conventions where furry fans can go to hang their hat (or fursuit head in this case) will only continue to grow in the coming years. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and staff of our growing conventions, we all enjoy their continued successes, and hopefully the dedication that we invest in our community will never falter.

    The Friday night dance at Midwest FurFest 2017. Photo by @TygerWDR on Twitter.


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I was very glad to make it to this historic MFF. And, it was great to meet you there briefly as well Sonious. Too bad it has to end. I hope to see you and many others there next year!

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Oh, you were Cody Fox, sorry I got you confused for a commenter on my YouTube channel. I was sort of sitting and charging my phone at the time. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the con. Don't be a stranger. I usually am not to engrained at a con and find myself with time gaps.

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Wouldn't you know it, I finally make it to Anthrocon, the Biggest Convention - and it's the year it gets surpassed!

Still, this is pretty big for the furry fandom. I'm certain that anyone in the convention business that wasn't paying attention to how BLFC and MFF were operating as opposed to FC and Anthrocon already, are now.

Also, hah, I think I beat you guys to the punch with my tweet on the matter :3

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Bigger isn't necessarily better: the Empire State Building may be taller than the Chrysler Building, but the latter remains the more beautiful.

Still, MFF succeeded in making AC look small and sedate -- no easy feat!

Living in England, I can't really attend more than one US furcon per year, but I feel I'll get to Furfest one day.

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This is certainly one for the furry history books. Congratulations, MFF!

I am hospitalized in Los Angeles, but I was there in spirit with a new book at the FurPlanet table, Dogs of War II, so I feel a part of this. Yarst!!

Fred Patten

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Hope you get better soon, Fred

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for now.

Anthrocon can take it over in 2018.

I mean congrats to MFF of course.

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Technically Anthrocon has been "for now" too ;)

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true, true.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (14 votes)

Thank you for the article, Sonious

Your rating: None Average: 5 (13 votes)

Was a fun filled Con! CONGRATS to MFF for surpassing AC. Was great experience to be a part of this magical moment! Thank you!

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There were far too many drugs and drug dealers at this convention for me to ever enjoy the drug free convention that I remember years ago. Security enabled these people to roam freely after reports and evidence. Next time, I'm going to the cops, not security. Security offered me a 'safe-space', but it never materialized.

There were far too many people segregating the community and banning people from MFF Telegram chats, and Telegram in general, from making new friends and freely communicating.

There were far too many staff members telling me I "wasn't furry enough" to be in the fursuit room, even though skull mask non-fursuits were permitted.

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Typo note: Please correct the two misspellings of Rapid T. Rabbit in his obituary. Thanks!

Your rating: None Average: 5 (11 votes)

I guess someone had a cold when typing that. Fixed, thanks!

Your rating: None Average: 5 (12 votes)

Well, not while typing it, more a dyslexia thing probably.

However, certainly got a cold AFTER the con. You guys are so giving!

Your rating: None Average: 5 (13 votes)

Maybe AC should try Rotating the Con Chair?

Your rating: None Average: 1.1 (10 votes)

Nah. Let the drunken cockroach continue to run things until he fucks up so bad that the board has no choice but to boot him....Or until he figures out he needs to get off the booze. He's a really nice guy sober. Drunk? Not so much.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (8 votes)

You do understand that every year Kage says he wants out but the board won't let him, right?

Your rating: None Average: 5 (8 votes)

I suspect they don't really have the power to force someone to retain chairmanship - though I guess they could make accepting the nomination and subsequent vote a bylaw, hence binding on all board members as long as they wanted to remain members (the "you're it!" clause).

Your rating: None Average: 5 (8 votes)

My understanding is that he does tender his resignation from the board and as chairman after each anthro and they deny it every time.

of course, he could also end up being sarcastic and I'm just bad at hearing

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I have justlearned somebody was ARRESTED at the midwest fest. You better bet Furry Times will put out the news you can read nowehre else.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (14 votes)

Didn’t I read about this in detail on Dogpatch Press a couple of days ago?

Fred Patten

Your rating: None Average: 5 (11 votes)

As Fred does note, Dog Patch did do coverage on that particular issue. I didn't witness anything in regards to the arrest, though I was aware of it, so I do not have much to add in that regard. I also know that Dogpatch would probably cover it given it's something people would give Patch more information in regards to and it's more his style of things to cover.

Me excluding them from this article was a choice because of the items outlined above, including it would have not fit in with the flow of the story I was trying to produce. I could have made a second article, but to be frank I've been working 11-12 hour shifts since MFF because this time of year is crunch time (I'm only writing this now because our corporate intranet is malfunctioning... which doesn't help matters). So if I know someone else will cover it, and that it will detract from the narrative of the story being placed then it's best to leave that coverage to others.

If you wish to cover it, you may. If people want to read it there, they may. I'm too busy to really lose sleep that everyone is not getting 100% of their information from me.

There is also the relevance thing, because there is also the Fox/Service dog issue that popped up, but that I felt was an in the moment issue that a year from now would be ultimately forgotten with time. In fact it's already kind of run its course through the internet adrenal system and has been forgotten mostly at this point by few except nerds (such as myself). Personally I didn't see the fox, so I didn't have much to add there either.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (10 votes)

Honestly, I think the fox thing deserves a full article at some point, either here or on Dogpatch. A LOT of misinformation was spread about, and all my "I bet you five bucks that..." predictions came true :/

Your rating: None Average: 4.8 (10 votes)

There's another breaking news story! FA was sold to IMVU. Better cover that before someone else does it first.

Come on, Dogpatch Press is even shown at the bottom of the Flayrah homepage.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I feel like you should not be using your blog to give him legal advice in his case. This isn't legal advice btw, just a gut feeling.

Your rating: None Average: 4.3 (11 votes)

you couldn't even cover a cold with a tissue.

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