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Midwest FurFest programming is looking for panel ideas

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Are you planning on attending Midwest FurFest this November? Would you like to participate in a panel discussion?
I am the Arts and Literature programming track head this year, and I am looking for a few good panel ideas, and people to run those panels. I would like to focus a bit more on literature than we have in past years, so I would welcome ideas on writing panels as well as drawing panels.
Ideas thus far:
How to get your work published [both writing and drawing]
Art appreciation 101
Inking techniques
Color theory
Life drawing [both animal and human]
Character development
What not to send to your editor
Digital painting

So, if you are an artist or writer planning on being in Chicago this November for MFF, and you would like to participate in a panel or have ideas for a panel, leave a comment below or send me an email at jenwolfstudio [at] hotmail [dot] com

Also, if you have panel ideas that are not art or literature related, you can send them to programming [at] furfest [dot] org


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I'm planning on being there, and would gladly do anything I can to help. I'm a bit of a furry writer. However, it would be helpful if you'd post a contact e-mail.

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There are two contact emails listed. Read carefully.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Sorry. They did not register in my hare-brain, not being in standard e-mail format.

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