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Country Bears movie...

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This little tidbit was posted on by Joe Strike, and I thought it a little too surreal to be true. Christopher Walken is going to be in a movie with anthro or intelligent bears, produced by Disney? This is the same guy who was playing the vindictive, homicidal angel Gabriel in 'The Prophecy' and its sequel. It just doesn't mesh with reality, you know?

This is Joe's post to

Came across the following item on "Aint It Cool News" today:

According to the above item, this movie is currently in production -
takes place in a world where 10% of the population are intelligent bears
living alongside humans - & the favorite country music group is ursine.
Could this be any more furry? (The idea kinda sounds like a distant
cousin to one of the best adult furry novels ever, "The Bear Comes Home"
by Rafi Zabor - that one's all about a soulful, jazz saxaphone-playing
bear looking for his place in the world. In that book he's the one &
only intelligent animal in the world.)

Aint It Cool item is a brief summary of another website's article &
features link to that website. If you want to go directly to that
source, try:



So I went and did some checking... and sure enough, the Internet Movie DataBase confirms it: Walkin is starring in the movie, which is set for release in 2002. I'm going to go see it just for the weirdness factor.


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I saw this on both SciFi Wire and on Mr. last week, but didn't think it was interesting enough to post. Obviously I was wrong.

Mr. Walken has done comedy before. There's a video getting lot of play on MTV2 that he's "starring" in, which shows that he definitely doesn't take himself too seriously.

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So how many bears does Christopher Walken kill in this movie?


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Christopher Walken was asked to be in the Fatboy Silm video "Weapons of Choice" by director Spike Johns. Mr. Walken actually started his career as a dancer. If you want to see a good comedy with him in it, go rent Mousetrap and look for the part of Mr. Walken playing the "expect pest exterminator"

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The 'Weapon of Choice' video was pretty interesting. Walken's a really good dancer. If your first experience with Walken was Sleepy Hollow, The Prophecy, or even Pulp Fiction (delivering that lovely monologue about where he's been keeping a pocketwatch), you'll probably get a serious chuckle out of it. Or go into shock.

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I dunno. I still can't see him being in what looks to be a children's movie, not even as the villan. He's too... creepy.

Mostly I can't stop thinking about the Simpsons episode with him in it, whispering in that voice he has, "Children, what I have I told you about the scooting?"

"We use them for divine retribution."

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