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The magic of Disney may still be there!

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Shades of Jurassic Park: Disney's first walk-around, interactive animatronic character, Lucky the dinosaur, is now strolling around Disney's California Adventure, but will probably move to Disney's Animal Kingdom in the coming weeks. It kinda walks on two legs, just as the rumors promised, but actually pulls a cart for additional balance (and to hide the computers). Videos can be found on the link above.

More photos, and a video of Lucky blowing his nose here.

Read on for direct links to the movies...Make sure your volume is turned on before you view these video MPEG files. The sound effects are impressive as well.

  • Video #1 - See—and hear—how Lucky walks (1.3MB, 15 seconds).
  • Video #2 - In an amazing show of spontaneity and interactivity, Chandler breaks from the script to point out a flying pteradactyl (a helicopter) to Lucky, who then lifts his head and gazes up into the sky (1.3MB, 15 seconds).
  • Video #3 - The gentle dinosaur welcomes a child, who approaches him for a visit (1.3MB, 15 seconds).
  • Video #4 - “Now don't eat the balloon, it'll give you gas,” Chandler says, as he offers a balloon to Lucky. Lucky shows surprising dexterity as he grasps the string with his mouth, only to cry out in sadness as he loses his grip and the balloon begins to float away (1.3MB, 15 seconds).
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    Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

    Not to sound "anti-technology", but having worked at D'land, I would bet the three bodies needed to work Lucky (handler & operators) will come from the Entertainment/Character department meaning even fewer costume characters. I hope we aren't seeing the end of an era at Disney Parks.

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