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Wild panthers in Australia?

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According to this article, there are many sightings of feral panther-like cats in the area near Sydney. If this is true, it's a real problem for Australian native animals (and plants), already under attack from feral pests such as cane toads, pigs, rabbits, and foxes.


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"Isn't that a drink?"

No, Pumas, not Primas, you idiot

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please show us pictures about this panthers topic

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That story has been around for hundreds of years. Its known as the Lithgow Tiger or the Lithgow Panther, and apparently it or its parents were escaped from a circus, released by the miners, or released by a big game hunter who used to live out that way (and there are other stories relating to their history). There are some big feral cats out there, and perhaps a shapeshifter or two, but sightings are rarer these last fifty years or so...
The Tiger is about as real as the sightings of the Thylacine though. Not one reliable sighting...

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