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Wally World Character Games at MFF

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Well hello to all!
Wally World (that great theme park in CA that was featured in the movie Vacation) will be hosting games the Con, MidWest Fur Fest.
This will be the second Year for Wally World to appear there. This year they are offering games for everyone. Those who don a character suit and those who don't want to. The games we are offering will include but the costumed folk in them and those who are Fur-disadvantaged.Roy Wally Jr. (president of Wally World) will be hosting these games and says "We will all sorts of different events to make it challenging for all folks involved. We had such a splendid time last year for the Character auditions at MFF we just had to come back"
"Also, so all the characters know attending Diablo will not be allowed to attend so all the characters can expect a great time with out him cheating so".
The idea behind the games is to allow folks who are not in costume to play with the Wally World characters and the MFF fursuiters. So if you are in suit please feel free to bring some one with you to the games which will be on Saturday night. If you are not Fur-enabled find yourself a character to bring along. We are looking at least 5 different games for everyone to play in and some including old favorites.

For more details about the MFF con or the Wally World Family Picnic please click here.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you there!


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Up until.. Well, now.. I've always thought that Wally World was simply their [Vacation's] spoof of Disney, never knew it was actually a real park

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