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"Blue Horizon" Trade Paperbacks Now Available

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"Life should be mundane shipping freight across the galaxy, but that doesn't always seem the case for the captain and crew of the Blue Horizon."

The stories of anthropomorphic project, Blue Horizon, are now available in hardcopy through Lulu Press.

The thirty-one stories of the seven-year online project have been split up into three trade paperbacks, as well as a large-format paperback which includes the entire series.

You may find them at


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This is exactly my point. :o) With free setup, the Blue Horizon books are now able to go out to the public, whereas before there would have been too many costs to something like this (especially with the volume of stories involved).

With free-setup, publish-on-demand companies now available, more online authors should be able to produce actual books of their material. is a good example. I think CafePress now offers publish-on-demand printing, although they charge more for the base price than what I've seen on the Lulu site.

More options to online authors!

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It's a shame, however, that the publishing establishment and readers in general tend to label such stellar efforts by individual authors as nothing more than 'vanity'.

This is yet another example of a good story that deserved to get read, but would otherwise be collecting dust on some editor's shelf until they felt it was 'time' for the public to get it.

Good on Blue Horizon for making the effort.

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This story has been out on the web for a while now and it's about time that a hardcopy was made. Definitely a good story that will hook you in a time or three.

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It's not the only story on the web that's good enough to deserve to be in hardcopy, but it's certainly one of them. For the most part, it's up to the author to see that a story becomes available in this format.

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Putting out publications is no easy task, especially with the setup costs involved, so it's not surprising that more online authors don't have hardcopies available for the public. Until print-on-demand self-publishing came along and made the process easier and more cost-effective, it's probably unlikely this one would have seen print either.

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