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Anthropomorphic Fiction at Strange Horizons

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From Jed Hartman over at Strange Horizons: "Hi, folks -- we at _Strange Horizons_ are publishing a science fiction story that I thought y'all might find interesting: "St. Ailbe's Hall," by Naomi Kritzer, set in a near future with genetically enhanced anthropomorphic dogs, exploring their role in society, particularly with regard to the Catholic Church. Part 1 (of 2) went up last Monday, and can be found here. Part 2 goes live late tonight [Sunday]."


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Speaking as both a Catholic and a furry fan, all I can say is, Wow! An incredibly good story.

(Admittedly, readers with different views on religion, and the Roman Catholic church in particular, might have a different viewpoint. Or maybe not.)

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I find both the content and the source of this news to both be pleasant events. Thanks for the info on this story!

Fred, if your reading theres a good entry for Bets Short Story for the Ursa majors right there.

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I am not a catholic, hell, I'm not even christian, but I loved that story.

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As it happens, I am reading this so I will include this as your recommendation of this story for the 2004 List. But if you want to make sure that something good gets onto the List, "please" send your recommendation directly to the List c/o me ( instead of just mentioning it online someplace and hoping that I or one of the other List administrators happen to run across it.

Fred Patten

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