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The action is starting to heat up around CACE as we count down to only four months before our third convention. First of all, CACE is proud to announce Jen Seng (the artist of the popular comic strip "Boondocks" and a fine cartoonist and illustrator in her own right) as our Cartoonist/Comic Artist Guest of Honour. Jen joins well-known fantasy artist Heather Bruton as a guest this year. As well, we're adding a dance after the Chocolate Social this year for those who like a bit of music and excitement. We're busily working on the programming grid right now, and will have more details at our next update.Now's a great time to check out our website at as we've started two great contests. The always popular Early Bird draw returns again this year. Just pre-register by March 15 (postmarked) and you'll be entered in a draw for a $50 CAN book certificate. (Those who have already registered are of course already entered). As well, for those of you who are just waiting for a great chance to exercise your art skills, we have a Con Book Cover contest this year. It's your chance to nab a valuable publishing credit (always great for portfolios) and pick up some great prizes as well. Check out the Con Book page of our website for more details.

The hotel room block, dealers room, and art show are all selling more briskly than in past years. Don't delay if you wish to avoid disappointment.

C-ACE takes place June 4 to 6 in Ottawa, Canada (accessible by direct flight from most cities in Canada and the Eastern US). I hope to see you all there!

Jeff Novotny
Programming Director, CACE 2004


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