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Asianwildlife Consultancy Co.Ltd. communicating on behalf of clouded leopards

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Asian Wildlife Consultancy Co. Ltd., (AWC) is an organization that works internationally to improve Wildlife Management Standards. It strives to achieve its mission through a team of specialists not only from the field of wildlife but also from other fields like marketing, architecture, accounting, information technology, etc. It provides a number of services like consultancy in concept design and development, conservation breeding programs, animal exchange programs, animal feeding programs, animal enrichment programs and many others each complimenting its mission.

There are a number of conservation projects that have been initiated by AWC.These projects can be seen here.The clouded leopards were fairly common in our wildlife parks and sanctuaries but today they are rare and seriously endangered. This is due to deforestation, pet trade and poaching of these animals for it beautiful patterned skin.

Currently, the Zoological Park Organization (ZPO) has 27 heads of clouded leopards and this is reasonably a large captive population of clouded leopards compared to the other zoos in the region where the success of breeding these cats in captivity had been low. The reason would have been basically due to poor understanding of the captive management of Clouded leopards. The financial resources are limited and there is no proper breeding programs planned for this cat in our institution on a proper scale.

The proposed breeding programs will be the first of its kind. If the program succeeds, it will provide sufficient population for final reintroduction into our forest. The program will be a key avenue for future understanding of the species itself and provide the best ability of mankind to protect himself by protecting his own environment. The clouded leopard is one of the species, which is essential for the eco-balance of the environment.

To achieve this target the management has decided to seek the assistance of various local and international institutions, foundation and association to come forward to provide assistance in the success of this program. Ex-situ captive breading of wildlife needs serious support from various organization to conserve the existing population in captivity.

The Program helps bring together various population scattered all over regional zoos so that ex-situ population can be bred in a planned basis.


The total program has been planned for a period of three years and total funding required for three years will be 20,000,000 (twenty million) Thai Baht. Any contributions from any private association or institution are most welcome.

If you wish to give your valuable contributions to these projects please click here.


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