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Blotch's Skyrim fan-art sells for $5500 at FC 2012

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Dragonborn, by BlotchA piece of Skyrim fan-art by Blotch sold for $5500 at Further Confusion 2012's art show last weekend. [sibe/reddit]

The mixed-media work depicts a battle between a leopard-like Khajiit and a non-morphic dragon. [dA, FA]

Videl, the winning bidder, was enthusiastic about his purchase:

It was totally worth it! Love the work of Blotch and love Skyrim!!

The most expensive furry art show piece sold to date is Goldenwolf's "Eyes of the Night", which was auctioned for $10,000 at Further Confusion 2004.

Update (29 Jan): Videl says he was bidding on behalf of his roommates as well as himself.


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There's a mod for that. (You can also use existing in-game recipes in real-life.)

Certainly not an bad return for ~20 hours of work (plus a decade or so of preparation).

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I would love to have that framed on my wall. I would shed a manly tear every time that I looked at it because of how awesome it would be.

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If you looked at it every hour, eight hours a day for a couple of years, you'd be down to less than a dollar a tear!

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Maybe you could invite people over and charge them for a viewing.

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I reckon it's worth it. Non-furry work sells for way more as a matter of course, and this is a lovely painting (as is the Goldie one).

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Their art is always great, and I'm glad to see they can make decent money with their talent. As for the species, that looks more like a Lynx to me; though it appears to be a cousin to a leopard according to wikipedia. They are spotted with that distinctive pointed ear and beard. I recognized it immediately because we have a bobcat that lives around here: part of the Lynx family.

Anyone with more knowledge than the wiki entries would be welcome.

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I would buy it.

I can't afford it, but if I could, I would.

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Most I've spent on a specific piece of art at a furry con is somewhere around $300. Really a matter of luck I think, sometimes you see art that is far better that is within an affordable range and don't have it knocked up to the stratosphere during the bidding wars, many more times you see just overpriced (from my perspective) art. But hey, that's what comes from knowing what you can charge in our niche market - I've seen almost the same Samurai Cat painting (yeah it was a surprise to me too that the artist repainted basically the same thing over and over again) at Lunacon and Anthrocon - guess which one had a minimum bid listed a couple hundred bucks higher than the other?

The picture looks great but what is its physical size? Maybe I'm too much of a miser but I don't think there are any pieces of art I could justify that kind of kwan... maybe less than a grand, but only if it would dominate the wall of my apartment, outshine all my other possessions, and justify many parties in which to show it off XD

Is it true (via the reddit link) that the group who bought this picture spent about twelve grand at the art show? Wow... I guess the economy is out of the recession for some of us :P

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Congrats to you, dear blotches :) Trying to actually make a living with art is one hell of a job, and this is going to pay the bills for quite a while. Good to see that great work still eventually pays off.

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There was a question over whether Videl was bidding solely for himself. So I asked! His response was:

I was there with my furry roommates. I got the bid number because I am more responsible and was the one going through and watching bids we wanted.

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Does anyone remember Mark Rogers' way-cool NFS painting at several early 1980s s-f con art shows of his samurai-cat warrior, Miaowara Tomokato, and a comrade warily entering a haunted village? Whatever happened to that?

Fred Patten

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I see no clues online. If you wanted to ask directly, his website suggests he can be contacted at

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I think it's sad that this is the single only piece I've seen of a khajiit(or anything other than a Nord for that matter) fighting a dragon. It's always a Nord.

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Hey, thanks for bumping this; spent most of the month playin Skyrim, so good for the chance to gush. We all missed the boat on this game for the Recommended Anthropomorphics List.

It makes sense that Nords would be featured heavily in artwork, as Skyrim has always been the Nord home. Khaijitt are from Elsweyr, which is half jungle, half desert, so not fans of Arctic tundras and mountin chains. Furthermore, Nords do not typically allow Khaijitt into their cities, claiming they are thieves and drug dealers. In ther defense, most of the Khaijitt NPCs in Skyrim are thieves or drug dealers.

The Khaijitt style of combat is also anti-Nordish; Nords are all about bravery and honor, while Khaijitt recognize recognize discretion is sometimes the better part of valor. This goes for the metagame as well; Khaijitt gain mostly stealth bonuses at the game start.

There is an early Dark Brotherhood quest that plays with the stereotypes; a Nord possible assassination target cries and admits to underhanded combat tactics, while aKhaijitt target is calm, composed and even threatens the player back.

As far as the picture the article is about, the digitgrade stance is technically incorrect; Khaijitt in Morrowwind had this stance, but not in Skyrim. Out of game lore explains that there are multiple forms of Khaijitt, some plantigrade, some not. This is actually a retcon of early Elder Scrolls games where Khaijitt were elves with a cat fetish rather than catpeople. In game lore says some Khaijitt are basically like that; the changing feet weren't the reason for the retcon. The scaley Argonians ha similar appearance issues between Morrowwind and Oblivion; notably, the females spontaneously grew boobs. However, since Argonians were always reptiles, they didn't get a retcon. We just aren't supposed to notice.

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The digitigrade legs are probably for aesthetics. They look way cooler.

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