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Uncle Kage at Feral! 2001

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This was posted by Benjamin on

The fandom's favorite cockroach, Uncle Kage, will be our special guest
at Feral! 2001, and we are very pleased to announce that he will be sharing
a number of his fascinating tales during his renowned Story Hour!
It's the perfect scene to enjoy stories in, don't you think? A campfire
blazing, the stars overhead, the fresh night air...

Feral! will be held August 22 to 26, 2001, at the Kinark Outdoor
Centre, in Ontario, Canada. You can find all the keen details on this event
at our web site...

Hiker, one of the attending artists and instructors, has done a drawing
that illustrates the upcoming event event nicely. You can find it at...

We hope to see you at Feral! 2001!


I have to agree, this is a great setting for Kage to pull out all the stops and show his story-telling prowess.


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