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Oklacon 2004 March Newsletter

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Oklacon is back and bigger than ever! Now in its second year of running you will find them again at Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma. This will be a fun-filled four-day furry extravaganza from Thursday, Oct 28th through Sunday Oct 31st.Check with Tyger Cowboy of Uniglobe Professional Travel for all your travel needs.

Yes, at twenty dollars a hoof, this is the least expensive convention aroundand boasts the biggest bang for your 'furry buck'. We have "2 The Ranting Gryphon" ready to bust your gut with his iron wit. (Sharp beak and claws help him with this). And back again is Sub-Level-03, performing this year with us and at several other major conventions including MFM, and Califur!

At the park you will have your choice of A-frame lodging (registration pays for this only while A-frame space lasts ***only 160 initially available***) or, for the more affluent furry, you may choose to camp, stay at the resort hotel on the property, reserve your own fully equipped private lodge, or even stay in the nearby inexpensive guest motels. Yes, Oklacon and Roman Nose are horse and dog friendly - see website for details and restrictions. For information on Roman Nose State Park or making reservations for special lodging, visit their website at

Artists! Please submit your t-shirt contest designs to now. The incredible prizes for the winner's include 2005 Guest of Honor status, free convention admissions, conbook cover art entitlement and so much more.

Register now and save on admission! Though you can register at any level, sponsors and supersponsors get super benefits. For supersponsors these include a conbook, con t-shirt, supersponsor t-shirt, personalized conbadge, custom signed piece of art (original print), a bag of goodies, dinner with the guests of honor, and more.

Want to help shape this con? It is not too late! Go here to register with the Oklahoma Association of Anthropomorphic Arts Inc. team. There are still a very few staff positions left.


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