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Oklacon News Letter #4

September 2004

October 28th through October 31st
Roman Nose State Park, in Watonga Oklahoma

Pre-Registration Ends Soon

With Oklacon 2004 only six weeks away, time is running out for those who wish to pre-register and enjoy all the benefits membership comes with. You have until October 1st -after that, registration will go up by 5$. Paying for pre-registration is imperative for receiving the full benefits such as the color con-badges that go to all levels of registration and the super sponsor sweatshirts. Additionally, it helps your con staff to provide services to you. This year, your registration will include a breakfast buffet on Saturday morning! If you wish, other meals will be available for 6$ per person.

Charity Auction

Do you want to see some real animal action?

Safari Zoo ( of Broken Arrow Oklahoma will be the beneficiary of our charity auction. You will be able to meet some of the animals you will be helping out. They will be holding several panels and will be bringing a Lemur, an alligator, a 10-foot python, a spotted leopard cub, and a grey wolf. What could be a more worthy cause for our furry festivities?

Other Events

Our guests of honor will include DBruin, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and Windpaw. In addition, we will be treated to a rockin' concert thanks to Sub Level 03 (; the comedy of Adric; meditation and spirituality
sessions by Jackabe; a history of furry by Sylsable; a furry scavenger hunt; barbeques, a fur suit seminar by Ryngs Rakune and plenty of carousing, dancing, partying and enjoying the great outdoors!

We Need Submissions!

We need submissions for the T-shirt design contest. You have until late September; the deadline is right around the corner! Remember that the winner this year will automatically become one of the guests of honor for next year. It's a great way to thrust your artwork into the public eye. Don't miss out on this opportunity to submit material for the conbook. Submit to . We still need your art, poems, and stories to fill our con book. All submissions welcomed!

It's Not Too Late to Get Involved!

We are still looking for gophers/wranglers and merchandising coordinator, and some hard working volunteers for extra help. If you are interested in shaping our con or volunteering please visit our website at and join OAAA (Oklahoma Association for Anthropomorphic Arts) and don't be shy about contacting our president, Horses' Ghost, for more information at .


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