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Oklacon will be taking place this year October 28th through October 31st at the Roman Nose State Park, in Watonga Oklahoma. Click below for more information!

We have contracted all of the private cabins this year for the entire convention! If you are interested, contact today to reserve your place. There are ten cabins in all and already after two days on the open market only two remain. We will also begin reserving cabin space for 2005 at the convention this year. So, if you missed your place this year, make sure you reserve your spot for next year. Additionally, we will begin taking a list of people interested in placing their names on a stand-by list for a private cabin in case of any last minute housing changes. If there is enough interest generated, Oklacon will contract an entire wing or floor of the resort hotel!


Extra, Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Oklacon has now nailed down its guest of honor list. Our guests of honor will include DBruin, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and Windpaw. In addition, we will be treated to a rockin' concert thanks to Sub Level 03; the comedy of Adric; editation and spirituality sessions by Jackabe; a history of furry by Sylys Sable; a 24 hour mega furry scavenger hunt; barbeques, a fur suit construction seminar by Ryngs Rakune and plenty of carousing, dancing, partying and enjoying the great outdoors! We these and so many other activities to choose from we haven't even been able to keep up with the events section on our website! If you haven't pre-registered yet, register today! For those who have registered and haven't yet paid, let us know you support us by sending in your payment today. You have 6 weeks to do so, or you may risk losing your pre-registration discount.


We still have a precious few tables left for Dealers! We are organizing a dealer's den auction that will allow you, the dealer, to advertise one piece of artwork on our website for each half table you have reserved for yourself. If you cannot get any table space you may still enter your works into the artist's auction for a small fee. We hope to get as such artwork out there on the net as we can in order to draw large crowds of appreciative furry art enthusiasts. A full table is only 30$ (Half tables are 20$) Space is very limited so reserve yours ASAP!


We are encouraging submissions for the T-shirt design contest. As you only have until late September, the deadline is right around the corner! Remember that the winner this year will automatically become one of the guests of honor for next year. It's a great way to thrust your artwork into the public eye. Don't miss out on this opportunity.


We'd also like to welcome our new staff:
Security: Redfox

Events Coordinators: Equus and Darkmoor

We are still looking for a cook, clean up coordinator and merchandising coordinator. If you are interested in shaping our con or volunteering please visit our website at and join OAAA (Oklahoma Association for Anthropomorphic Arts) and don't be shy about contacting our president, Horses' Ghost, for more information at Our next OAAA full membership meeting will be Saturday, August 21st.

OAAA would like to welcome Mark Merlino! A staff member at Califur, he is our newest addition to the Oklacon staff corps. This year he will again be providing us with internet access and will even be heading a panel or two! Way to go Mark!


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