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Oklacon Newsletter: June 2006

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having an awesome spring, and as summer approaches, all the Oklacon staff are kicking it into high gear to start bringing everything together for our most excellent convention, Oklacon 2006 in October. Here's some of the things we're working on right now!

The media team are busy bees gathering materials and input for both the conbook and the opening ceremonies video. We appreciate any and all submissions so that we can make our conbook and opening video the best yet. Submissions should ideally somehow relate to this year's theme, "Ruffin' It!". This Friday, June 2, there will be a small meeting in Oklahoma City to discuss the theme and how it relates to the conbook and opening video - if you are interested in attending in person, please drop the chairmain a line at

We're tickled pink that already we have four excellent t-shirt contest entries. To view them, visit our our website and click T-Shirt Contest on the left side. Voting for the winning entry will happen later on this summer, and we're still eagerly accepting entries! Visit our site for details on how to show off your idea!

June and July will be our months for finalizing our events calendar. Oklacon is pleased to announce Kurt Beckelman is this year's Events Coordinator... and watch out, he's hungry! Hungry for your ideas that is... so let Kurt know what YOU would like to see at this year's convention by sending your ideas to

BlueOtter's already on the prowl for volunteers to help with events, conops, convention set up and teardown, and all sorts of other fun miscellany. Visit our website for more information on how you can get on our roster to lend us a paw!

Oklacon 2006 looks to be our biggest yet gauging by the deluge of early preregistrations. (Currently we have 2/3 of last year's attendance already signed up!) We know LOTS of people who are coming but have not yet preregistered, and the number one way you can help us right now is to let the world know you're coming by preregistering today! Please visit our website for the preregistration form, and remember, for a limited time preregistered and prepaid attendees are in our drawing to receive free commissioned conbadges, t-shirts, and other goodies, so sign up today!

Roman Nose State Park
Watonga, Oklahoma
October 27 - 29, 2006


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