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Tigger-gate Continues to Grow...

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More news is begining to break about the alleged actions of a Walt Disney World Tigger.

This article talks of how more and more folks are coming forward with complaints.
Like 9-11, the information seems to contradict itself at times. Some of the complaints are for incidents before the worker was hired. Some ex-workers make the action sound like an accident, others as someting done on purpose.

Sadly, no matter what the outcome, this will be a black mark against all costume performers. At the moment, only Disney is involved, but as the article shows, other theme parks are being questioned.

Even freelance may begin having trouble. Companies wanting Tony the Tiger or the Easter Bunny may now have to consider possible exposure to bad publicity or legal action. Parents may not hire clowns or animals for birthday parties. Even Santa could come under this cloud of fear.

Performers may need to consider a variety of actions to remain viable. These could include anything from insurance to hired witnessess (with video cameras). All will require additional expense that the performers may not be able to afford, and clients may not be willing to pay for.

Eventually this will come to various conclusions. But for the time being, working in a suit could be very dangerous...


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I always had a feeling Tigger would turn out to be a pervert, what with that spring loaded tail and all. What alway surprises me about this stuff is that so many people don't say anything and then suddenly BAM there's a flood of it. Why is it that people don't seem to want to speak up about this stuff until someone else does?

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Nothing surprises me anymore coming from the U.S., the land of mass hysteria.

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True. I'm still waiting for a headline to say "Groundhog sees shadow, mass hysteria ensues"

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I think "cloud of fear" may be a bit of an exaggeration. I agree that this may cause problems for suiters in the short term, but Americans have short memories about this sort of thing.

By and large, people trust performers and know they're generally not criminals in disguise. Besides which, performers molesting children is really nothing new. There have been incidents like this in the past. Remember John Wayne Gacy? He dressed as a clown and killed thirty-three young boys between 1972 and 1978. If that didn't stop parents from hiring clowns to little Timmy's birthday party--which it didn't--then one molesting Tigger is not the end of the world for suiters.

Any damage to the credibility of the "profession" of costume entertainment is strictly temporary, IMHO.


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or, what goes on is that males are forced out of the profession and only females are allowed to be costumed characters. After all, surely the fairer sex is much better at not raping kids? right? wrong....

This is already happening in other industries, like daycare. Many daycares lately consider anyone with something hanging between their legs to be a threat to children.

I suspect it's going to happen to swim teams also, a recent scandal broke about some guy putting a camera into some underaged girls locker room for the USA swim team. I already bet the feminists are rattling their sabers about it quietly to get all men ejected...

A school district in california outright bans photography of high school swim and sports teams anymore, due to a guy (supposedly) coming in and taking photos, then posting them on gay websites. It was just guys in speedos, and the feminist saber rattling started about "omg omg men are pigs, my son is ruined! wahhhh"

A guy in england one time even was taking photos of his kid on a coin operated machine outside a store, ended up having the cops called on him by a bunch of thugs claiming he was into child porn, so of course he got jacked up... Typical

To all the ladies out there: if you take offense to what I just posted, get lost. you are one of them. If you can not seperate hysteria from facts (that not all men are out to rape kids and photograph them) you have burned way too many bras... Therefore, I would like to leave you bra burners with no sense of reality a little message: oppression against those who you claim did it for centuries is only going to backfire on you... Watch out

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