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WILD ANIMUS: Free Book give away

Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes) and Too Far Press have teamed up to distribute over 1000 copies of Wild Animus (Advance Reader Version). The book is about a Berkley college student who decides that he no longer wishes to be a human, but a Dall Ram by the name of Ransom. The book follows his attempts in the literal world and the world of print to break thru to the Furry side.

They pay the postage and ship worldwide. The author, Rich Shapero, seems unaware of a Furry community, and may be even somewhat autobiographical.

A planned publicity stunt ala a giant Easter egg hunt, with copies of this book as the eggs across the world is likely to send some of the spotlight Furryward.I am 1/4 thru the book, which is still as yet, unpolished. I have no clue as to whether the mass release (one of's activities) will be the ARC version or the polished version. Half the reviews of the book seem negative, but largely I think that can be contributed to the drug culture active at Berkely at the time the story is set and the vision quests where Sam and Ransom try to exist...
In any case, Shapero seems to have captured the personality that many of us have seen, if not experienced ourselves... the yearning to be other than human. Inspiration, asperation, or desperation, he and his girl (at least in the beginning) see these travials as very noble.

More copies appear to be available. free, for the taking here. You may be required to sign up, but the site fully respects privacy.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

An interview with the author is available here:

I am large grey draft horse. Currently, I am attempting to raise funds due to a death in my family.

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a typing horse in a cube farm and Rough Draft Horse from Jersey Shore, NJ, interested in furry, transformation and thinking about crazy people...

In 2015, I've had three short stories published in Inhuman Acts, An Anthropomorphic Century, and NSFW.
In 2016, Red Ferret Press published my adult TF novel, The Goat: Building a Perfect Victim. It won the 2016 Coyotl Award.
In 2017, I'm averaging about three short stories published a year.