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Vote Furry in the Squiddies!

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From Treesong: "The premier Usenet comics awards are the Squiddies. Furry comics fans, give furdom a little added recognition by voting in them. The current ballot has been posted to the main rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups, as has the third and final 'pseudo-nominees' ballot (showing everything and everyone that anyone's voted for so far)."

From Aureth: You can find a Squiddies ballot here and a copy of the pseudo-nomiees ballot here. Click on Read More for some furry nomination suggestions from Treesong.

The majority of my votes were for non- and semifurry work (it's not been one of our best years) but they include:

#C2 Cartoonist.....: Carla Speed McNeil (Finder having some furry in it)
#C4 Painter........: Juanjo Guardino (for the two newly-translated
Blacksad albums from ibooks)
#C5 Letterer.......: Dave Sim
#B4 Ongoing Series.: Finder
#B5 New Series.....: Bear
#B7 Reprint Book...: Krazy & Ignatz 1929-1930: A Mice a Brick a Lovely Night
#B8 Anthology......: In Search of Monkeysuit (not very furry but has acouple of contributions with bunnies)
#BA Web Comic......: Kevin & Kell ( etc.)
#M1 Character......: Jaeger (Finder)
#M2 Character Team.: Fables (cast)


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