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Furtopia Arts for Kids Community Project!

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Furtopia is proud to sponsor needy children with the help of Furry artists and fursuiters in our "Furtopia Arts for Kids Community Project". The goal of this project is to gather experienced furry artists and talented fursuiters (up to 12 total) to entertain sick children at the local Children's Hospital in Dayton, Ohio (Oct 20th). Housing and modest meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided to artists/fursuiters who wish to travel and help brighten the day of a needy child. If you think
you would like to help with this project contact WhiteShepherd at .

NOTE: We are also accepting donations of art (reviewed first and must be POSITIVE G-rated art, humor recommended) for donation to the hospital for hanging in the children's rooms. If you have some art piece(s) you are considering donating please email a preview of the art you wish to send to and we will inform you if we can use your art. Wish us luck on this important Furtopia charity project! will be the future website of this project (Due up Sep 3rd).



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