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Furtopia Arts For Kids Community Project 9-16-05!

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Furtopia is proud to sponsor our second "Furtopia Arts for Kids" community project on 9-16-05! See:
See also: this forum post.

Basicly here is how it works. Furtopia reaches out to talanted and caring artists. For those who can make it we gather artists and fursuiters here in Ohio. We then travel to children's hospitals where artists do will drawings for sick kids and fur suiters can perform for them! For those of you who cannot attend you can donate (children friendly) art. "new unopened toys", or paypal a donation to to help us cover the expenses (we DO need finanicial help) of making this great gift happen!
The date of our next Children's Hospital visit is: Sept 16th 05.
For those artists who would like to come with us it is an increadibly rewarding experience. You will be asked to do sketches for the children in a community room as we send them to you or I will take you privatly to children's rooms who are too sick to leave their room where you will sketch for them. Artists we also give away a LOT of art to these kids. If you got quaility prints (clean and not pixilated) you can mail them to us to give away to these kids.

Some originals and prints of fantastic quailty we will frame and give away to the hospital to hang in rooms.

For those interested you can reach me for details at:

Gene Angel
270 Mt Vernon Dr. Apt 312
Xenia, OH 45385

You can also send donations/art to the same address.

Here is some pictures and movie clips of our last "Furtopia Arts for Kids" Community Project. Enjoy!


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