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New Furtopia "Lister" Service Online!

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Looking for a fast and convient way to gallery your furry art? For furry Artists who would like an EASY to use gallery and still have the option to add a web page when they are ready, Furtopia web accounts now have a EASY built-in art gallery option with their free web sites for furry artists (art, writing, & music).

With our new listing feature any Furtopia/Dragaoncity web directories that do not have a web page will be listed with thumbnails of all images/artwork in an easy to view gallery format (instead of a plain listing of files). See: for an example. Descriptions to thumbnails are easily added. Just sort your art in folders you name and upload. That's all there is to it. :)

Furtopia's useful web hosting features (PHP, Perl, MYSQL, CGI, SSI, and more) all remain in full service so you can add/upgrade to a full web site at any time. In fact, if you like the "look" and ease of the Furtopia Web Lister, you can use it by linking from your created web pages as a quick way to add your art.

Feel free to let us know what you think of this new program and any services you may find useful (email and our busy furry forums). Our lister service is newly finished and more features will be comming soon! If you know an Artist who would like to display their furry art but has no web experience feel free to recommend a Furtopia/Dragoncity account. It's EXTREMELY easy to use and the account can be used for a personal art web page whenever the artist is ready!

Furtopia also has a friendly staff for answering the questions of newbies and veterans alike (see forums).

WhiteShepherd & Kada-Ru Furtopia staff


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