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It's now or never for Midwest Furfest hotel rooms!

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Midwest Furfest's hotel, the Hyatt Regency Woodfield has just run out of double rooms and has only a pawful of rooms with King beds left. If you're planning on attending MFF and you haven't got a room lined up yet, it is now officially the last minute. You may now panic.You can book your room by calling the Hyatt directly at (847) 605-1234 and telling them you're with Furfest. The con rate of $89 still applies as long as there are rooms left in our block. If you have trouble booking your room or if you have any questions, email your friendly MFF hotel liaison at hotel (at) furfest dot org, and I'll do my best to get things squared away.


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Got a Double room for 4 days, so it is still possible.

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