The Book About Furries, It's Out!

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Its been a long time, but now the first book about to furry fandom is in publication as of Monday April 4th! The book provides a good read for both furries and non-furs as well. The book is not yet available in bookstores, but hopefully will be soon. For information on the book or to order copies, contact


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Things like Title and Author are generally helpful when trying to locate a book. Unless it's called "The Book About Furries", and even then having an author name would help narrow it down.

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Yea, I'd like to buy this, but neither post contains any real information.

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The title of the book is "Furry"ness, exactly how its spelled. Its By Aaron Stroschein. You'll have to contact the email to get ordering info for now.

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How much is the cover price?

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And what kind of language does the book use? Is it a "Furries for Dummies" kind of book? Does it build a thesis in terms of sociological and psychological terms?

In other words, what is the intended audience of the book? I'll need to know that before I consider buying a copy.

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I'm pretty certain it's not the "first" book about furry fandom. Though it might well be the first non-scathing book.


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If you're pretty certain about that, what were the author, title, and publisher of the earlier book(s)?

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