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Both hotels for Anthrocon now sold out

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From Anthrocon's web page

The rooms that we were able to secure at the Windsor have now been sold. The remainder of the hotel is booked for other functions, so there are no more rooms to be had. If you are still in need of a room, please check our hotel page for a list of hotels nearby. Anthrocon has not blocked any rooms at those hotels since at this point we have no idea how many rooms to guarantee, so you'll have to pay the prevailing "rack rate." A NOTE ABOUT THE WYNDHAM: The Wyndham is overbooked. We expect that there will be enough attrition in the room block that this will not be a concern when the convention rolls around. If you are not going to be able to make it to the convention this year and have reserved a room, please remember to cancel the reservation as soon as possible. The hotel will no longer allow a room to be switched to someone else's name, so if you can't go but know a friend who is looking for a room, please send that friend to our list of alternate hotels. You will not be able to "give" your room over. It may seem like a kind thing to do, but you may well be preventing some other person from getting a room when they arrive at the hotel. We'd like to try to avoid that!


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