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Pittsburgh Scientists Create Zombie Dogs?

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Scientists in Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research have apparently reanimated dead dogs several hours after removing all of their blood and replacing it with a cold saline solution. (No, this isn't a hoax story.) The purpose of the research is to develop a better way to cryogenically freeze people.

The Pittsburgh group plans research to begin on humans within a year. Yes, you guessed it--just in time for Anthrocon 2007.



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I suppose this link is somewhat relevant too. :) Hee.


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Aw, you beat me to it!

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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This has been done several times over the past decade or two. The problem so far has been that the dogs suffered medical problems after being brought out of hibernation (epileptic seizures were the ones I'd heard about).

If they're planning human trials, it suggests many of the problems have been sorted out, though.

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I probably should have said "Anthrocon 2006". The problem with being an event organizer after one's con date is that I usually think of 2006 as "this year" and 2007 as "next year". =P


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