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One of our own needs urgent help

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Greyson Darkewolf needs your help. He's in critical condition and is in dire need of a heart transplant. The details are available at His livejournal.

There is a desperate need for donations of both money and blood (Roll up those sleeves people.) Prayers are gladly accepted. At present he barely has a week without a miracle.Monetary donations can be made at any Bank One - Please email for the information you will need. It is still unclear how much of the cost will be covered by his insurance, if any, and his parents are already under a great deal of financial strain, so every cent helps.

Carter Blood Center: (In Dallas I believe)
There will be a mobile unit here at the school on Tuesday, 8/9 from 8-2 and from 6-10. Cindy Foster will be taking sign ups.
If they wish to go to a center near them, they need this information:
They need to tell the people there they wish to donate to the Remington College account and give them this sponsor #: 40919.


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Update: He has a heart, sugery (as far as I know) is currently in progress. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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I hate to inform folks here... he didn't make it.

Rest in peace.

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His family still needs help with bills.

You'll always be remembered friend.

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