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Conifur Northwest update

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Two deadlines for Conifur Northwest are coming up, both on October first:

+ The preregistration deadline. Save a few bucks! If you tried to preregister online earlier this month and encountered problems, the problem has been fixed.

+ The deadline for con book contributions. If you tried emailing a trib earlier this month and it bounced, that problem has been fixed too. Read more for details.The Conifur Northwest 2005 con book is looking for G- and PG-rated art and stories relating to conventions, Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, Nootka, and this year's theme, Halloween.

Art should be black and white or grayscale; stories should be about 3000 words or less. The con book will be digest-sized this year (5.5 x 8.5). We need both full-page art and small pieces of spot art. All contributions need to be in our hands by October first.

Electronic submissions should go to Art should be scanned at high resolution (at least 300dpi) but we don't need full-color scans, only grayscale (or lineart if your art is pure black and white), which will help keep the filesize down. Stories should be sent as plain text or RTF. Mailed submissions should go to Conifur Northwest, c/o 11033 SE 240th Place #D202, Kent WA 98030.

--James Birdsall, con book editor


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