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Conifur Dealer List

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Conifur is almost upon us in just a couple of weeks and now is the time to make those final preparations.

Registration closed on October 1st, so if you didn't register by then, you'll have to stand in line with the tens of thousands of other furry fans that we know will be coming... okay, hundreds, but you have to dream, right?

Our Dealers Den is nearly 100% full with 52 of 56 tables claimed. Those last few are being held for tentative reservations, so if you absolutely need a table and you're not on the list, email us at

And just who is on that list? Why I'm glad you asked- you can put your hand down now. Here's the list of who is who for Conifur 2005!

2, The Ranting Gryphon
Backbreaker Studios
Brain Escape
Brian and Tracy Reynolds
Chad Krueger
Conifur Store
Damp Paw Design
Dark Natasha
David Hopkins, GOH
Do The Bearcat
Furnation Multimedia
Furry Stuff / Fennec Adv
Heather Alexander
Kacey Maltzman
Longtail & Squeaky
Michele Light
Mitche Beiro
Monika Livingston
Mouse Hunt
MU Press
Northwest Furry Trading Co
Paw Prints
Pseudo Comics
Rivercoon Arts
Roz Gibson
Steve Martin
Stuffe & Nonsense
Terrie Smith
The Art of Sumarrah Pethran
The Colorsmith
Thoughts and Images
Tom Milliorn / Todd Smith
Wyrmkeep Entertainment

You can see the Dealer's Den map and more at:


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It should be, not, shouldn't it?

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